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Storefront Doors

Protecting the appearance and functionality of your storefront has specific impacts on your company’s success. It communicates your products or service, dictates certain levels of structural security, and influences your operating costs. Businesses that depend on a steady stream of walk-in traffic, such as restaurants and retail establishments, especially rely on the attractive and enticing qualities of their storefront doors and windows to draw in customers. Glass Doctor® of Tallahassee understands the importance of a pleasing aspect. We deliver storefront care services that beautify, protect, and enhance your glass utility, while reducing your operating expenses.

Worry-free Emergency Repairs

Our storefront care service for commercial properties includes emergency glass repairs. When an accident or break-in occurs, our glass experts arrive swiftly with the tools and materials to reestablish your building’s security and integrity. Membership benefits include:

  • 24-hour, On-call Service
  • Priority Scheduling
  • Membership Pricing and Discounts
  • Professional Vendor Compliance

In addition to our professional board-up service, we provide business account management and proactive glass solutions. Our Advanced Measurement® Program decreases the time it takes to achieve total restoration, by cataloging the glass already in place. When damage requires a repair, we check our inventory for a suitable replacement and either bring it, or immediately order the item for speedy results.

Improved Protection

Our storefront care options offer effective ways to improve building security. Choose from a variety of safety improvements, including:

  • Safety Films - Laminates provide an additional layer of protection by essentially creating a adhesive film that prevents glass from forming shards when damaged.
  • Hurricane Glass - This impact resistant glass is fortified to prevent the destruction and loss that is created by severe weather and flying debris.
  • Tempered Glass - Similar to the glass used in automobile windows, tempered glass is designed to crumble, rather than shatter upon impact, improving customer and worker safety.

Reduce Expenses

Operating expenses are typically viewed as fixed costs. However, our energy-saving options reduce your overall expenditures by decreasing your energy consumption. All materials have the ability to radiate heat, but glass is particularly susceptible to ultra-violet (UV) light, which generates the greenhouse effect. During the summer, your climate control system must continually operate in order to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. We deliver efficiency solutions that reduce the strain on your HVAC unit, extending its lifespan, and your bottom line. Options include:

  • Low-Emissivity (Low-E) Glass - This innovative material actually prevents heat loss from inside the building, while blocking the heat transference from natural sunlight.
  • Double Panes - Double pane storefront windows improve the insulation quality of your structure, reducing your energy costs.
  • Tinted Films - These also provide a layer of protection against the greenhouse effect.

Attract New Buyers

Our glass experts have years of hands-on experience with storefront care and upgrades. Transform the look of your business with our superior customization service that includes custom etching service and the latest design options. Our courteous professionals will outline a variety of upgrade options, and provided detailed costs estimates for your consideration. Contact the specialists at Glass Doctor of Tallahassee to arrange for your free consultation.