Custom Mirrors

Give your home a whole new flow with the fluid beauty of custom mirrors. From small to large, mirrors create sparks of light. Large pieces add flare, and small pieces develop a sense of motion. Years of experience give the consultants at Glass Doctor® of Tallahassee an eye for building a custom mirror plan for your home that is sure to leave you breathless.

Open Up Your Spaces

Hallways and small rooms don’t have to feel cramped and tiny. Using different sizes and detail, our consultants will develop the perfect mirror solution for any space. Mirrored walls are ideal for expanding the feel of your small hallways. Mirrored backsplashes lend a sense of space and depth to open up your kitchen area. Small, expertly placed mirrors will even highlight the contours of your architecture from room to room, building in a sense of connection and flow that will make the whole house seem more welcome cozy and connected.

Brighten Up a Room

Mirrors have a history of being used to provide light right where you need it. In areas with small windows it can be difficult to overcome the closed in feeling that dim lighting creates. Custom mirrors are ideal for redirecting the natural light into a room. They can even be used to extend the reach of your artificial light sources too.

Some great options for enhancing the light in your home are:

  • Wall Mirrors - in bedrooms and studies, well placed wall mirrors will draw the light from windows and other light sources to direct it where you need in.
  • Mounted Mirrors - custom cut mirrors on desk lamps, or used as the back plate for wall sconces reflect the light from artificial sources, extending it farther into the room.

Customize Your Artistic Style

Custom mirrors come in an endless variety of sizes and shapes. Tints and different types of glass add color and texture to the options you have. While edgework, finishes and frames provide a way to further personalize your custom mirror designs. This flexibility makes custom mirrors a fantastic additions to your existing art and decor. To highlight your unique style try:

  • Mirrored shelves showcase your 3D art pieces and collectibles, providing a 360 degree view
  • Hanging mirrors gather light and redirect it toward your favorite art pieces acting almost like a muted spot light
  • Large and small framed mirrors make great additions to picture walls to create interest with sparkles of light, color and shapes

Make a Statement

For room where you really want to make an impression, mirrors can be used to draw the eye and tie a room together. In living rooms and dining rooms, large statement mirrors over a fireplace create a sense of elegance and splendor. Full length mirrors for bedrooms,  closets and entryways provide you the perfect last minute check as your get ready for the day. The right bathroom mirror will create a sense of mystique or serenity while giving you a clear view.

Let the elegance of custom mirrors wash over your home. Call Glass Doctor of Tallahassee. today to set up your free in-home consultation.