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Custom Glass Solutions

Renovate your glass home decor with elegant and functional pieces from Glass Doctor® of Tallahassee. Our experienced specialists modify glass tabletops, shelves, mirrors and doors. Also, we prevent UV rays from harming your furniture and home decor with the installation of low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. Let us revitalize the appearance and comfort of your Tallahassee home with beautiful glass decor.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Add a modern piece to your living room or patio with a custom cut glass tabletop. Our specialists offer tabletops in any shape and size you choose with finished edges. We also discuss glass tint, thickness and weight in an onsite consultation before proceeding to measure and create your new piece. Shield your furniture from UV rays with tinted or coated glass and utilize tempered or laminated glass to guard your family from potential damage. 

Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors provide an elegant solution to small or low-lit rooms. In addition, they set off your room with streamlined, modern flair. Pick out and arrange your personalized mirrors with the help of our trained specialists.

Door Glass Restoration and Replacement

Unfortunately, normal door use often results in chipped or broken glass panes. Glass Doctor of Tallahassee understands this and provides restoration and replacement with improved door inserts. Renovate your front door’s decorative glass with matching side window panes. Other insert options include energy-efficient and durable all-weather glass. Our vendors continually supply us with numerous designs sure to fit your style and budget.

Low-E Glass Windows

Filter out the most harmful UV rays with low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. The metallic coating reflects the strongest UV rays. In turn, your home’s insulation improves, making climate control easier and saving you money. Likewise, Low-E glass stops sun damage and premature aging of your home furnishings. Draperies, carpet and cushions are all protected from discoloration and fading.

Start renovating your home with high-quality glass from Glass Doctor of Tallahassee today. Our specialists ensure your individual needs are fulfilled and promise quality workmanship. Call 850-270-1466 or complete an online service request in order to receive immediate service you can trust.