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Clear Choice Protectant

Extend the life of your glass and porcelain surfaces while making them easier to clean with the assistance of Glass Doctor® of Tallahassee. Our team will apply Clear Choice™ treatment to deliver surface protection and improve appearances. Clear Choice is a premium glass protectant product that works its magic on nearly all bathroom surfaces, which may include the tub and sliding glass shower doors. Bathroom tile also benefits from the product's scratch and stain protection.

A single professional application of Clear Choice glass treatment frees you of arduous chores and hours of scouring with hazardous chemicals. Our glass treatment makes cleaning easier and surfaces stay cleaner longer. This patented product causes your normally stubborn home surfaces to repel water, soap residue and oils for up to five years.

Save Time and Protect Your Investment

Over time, unprotected fixtures, tile or granite floors pick up ugly stains from hard water, requiring hours of weekly or daily cleaning to keep them looking good. Clear Choice prevents unsightly, damaging buildup on glass, porcelain and other silica-based materials. Your home will transform into an easy care area.

Clear Choice Glass Treatment Advantages

Clear Choice will save valuable time and money. Once we apply the finish you will notice:

  • Less frequent bathroom cleanings
  • Decreased bacteria and mold growth
  • Less etching, stains and scratches from hard water
  • Delayed replacement of tile and glass surfaces
  • Less mineral buildup
  • Less exposure to harsh, bathroom cleaners and chemicals
  • Minimized release of environmental contaminants
  • Effortlessly shiny surfaces that last

Request an application of Clear Choice when ordering new shower doors or bathroom windows. Call for a visit from a Glass Doctor of Tallahassee specialist today.