Windshield Care During Summer

Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast can perform not only chip repairs but also windshield replacements or any of your auto glass needs.

While the weather might be perfect now, you’re probably going to appreciate the cool blast of air your car’s air conditioning system delivers on those rare summer days where the temperature gets a little hotter than you would like. While it certainly makes you more comfortable, you’re creating opposing forces that could worsen any damage your windshield has.

Summertime Windshield Care

Glass Doctor® of Sunshine Coast will help keep your windshield in good condition throughout the summer. Follow our tips to help keep small chips from becoming big cracks:

Get damage fixed fast!

If you have a small chip, have it fixed immediately, before it grows into a bigger problem. The longer you wait for windshield chip repair, the more likely it is that your windshield will need to be replaced.

Seek the shade.

Park your car in the shade whenever possible, especially if you’re out and about for long periods of time. At home, clean the old sports and lawn equipment out of the garage so you can park your car inside. Direct sunlight increases the pressure inside your car, making damage more likely to expand. Cracking your windows also helps alleviate the pressure.

Give your air conditioner a rest.

It’s best to not use your air conditioner until your windshield is repaired. Roll down the windows if needed, and consider this an extra incentive to get your windshield repaired quickly! Besides, it’s beautiful out!

Don’t slam your car doors.

Quickly closing a car door can cause a sudden change in pressure, which can expand the chip in your windshield; the jolt from the force will make the damage worse.

Wait to wash.

If you wash your car while it’s still hot, the damaged area may grow. Instead, wait until your ride has cooled off later in the day. The lower temperatures will be easier on you, too!

Don’t neglect your wipers.

Your wipers need to be in good shape in case of a summer storm. Dirt, sand, and other grime on your wipers may also scratch your windshield. Wipe them down using a rag moistened with windshield fluid, and replace them when needed.

Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast will help you keep your auto glass in the best possible shape in any season. Schedule an appointment for windshield chip repair or give us a call at 855-395-4612 so you can enjoy the cool comfort of your air conditioner again without worry!