Double Pane Protection Against Outside Allergens

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Spring is officially here. While this means that your neighbourhood will be filled with beautifully blooming flowers and trees, spring is also allergy season. If you have allergies, pollen and mould can create symptoms that make you feel sick. To avoid this, you can try to stay indoors. If you don't have the right type of windows, however, allergens will still invade your home. To protect you against this, Glass Doctor® of Sunshine Coast will install high-quality double pane windows that will make your allergy season better.

Pollen Protection

Single pane windows don't completely seal the outdoor air out. A good double pane window, on the other hand, will prevent everything outdoors from entering your home. This includes pollen, which is one of the most powerful, pervasive allergens of the spring.

Mould Growth Prevention

When mould starts to infest your home, it is notoriously difficult to get rid of. It also happens to be a strong allergen. Unfortunately, single pane windows allow condensation to build up. This moist environment is a perfect place for mould to start growing. High-quality double pane windows, though, actively prevent condensation from forming. This prevents mould from growing.

Choosing the Right Double Pane Windows

Not every type of double pane window can help you during allergy season. In order to ensure your double pane windows provide you with the benefits listed above, you are going to have to pick the right ones. To this end, you should invest in insulated glass units (IGUs). These are specialized double pane windows that seal allergens out. This is because an IGU isn't just two pieces of glass and a frame. They are completely sealed using a specialized sealant. To further protect your home against allergens, you can have a gas insulator added between your glass panes.

Maintaining Your Double Pane Window's Effectiveness

Even a high-quality double pane window can be rendered ineffective against allergens when it has a broken seal. Common signs of a broken window seal include damaged glass, a draft, milkiness in between the panes and condensation on your window. If your double pane window's seal has been broken, call us and we'll fix it for you ASAP.

Get Ready for Allergy Season

Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast will provide you with the double pane windows you need to make spring a much more pleasant season for you.