Pros of Glass Shower Doors and Tub Enclosures

Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast shower door installation

Nothing transforms a home quite like a custom glass installation. At Glass Doctor® of Sunshine Coast, we help homeowners throughout our coastal community maximize their light flow, reduce their energy costs and complement their interior decor with one-of-a-kind glass inserts and surfaces. We're especially proud of our glass shower doors and tub enclosures. These washroom upgrades have all the customization potential that you've come to expect from us, including countless edging, tinting and sizing options, but they have additional perks too.

Glass shower doors offer the following household benefits, which make life easier and more efficient for you and your family. If you still need a reason to upgrade to a frameless shower door or heavy glass door, these are four of the very best. 


Glass tub enclosures eliminate all the eyesores that come with shower curtains, including rust and discoloration, but they also prevent a long-term health hazard. Mould and mildew cause respiratory problems, and damp plastic curtains encourage these organisms to breed freely inside your washroom. Instead of replacing your curtain every year, rely on glass that resists these pollutants naturally. 


Our glass shower doors and tub enclosures are made with tempered glass panes, similar to the shatterproof glass in your car windows. Of course, tempered glass also breaks into full shards instead of sharp, tiny pieces. If the glass does break, it won't create additional safety hazards.


You probably don't enjoy scrubbing mildew off your tile and staining your grout on a yearly basis. A glass tub enclosure or frameless shower door is easier to wipe down after bathing, and won't attract mould growth. Opt for a coat of Clear Choice™, our exclusive glass protectant, to decrease your maintenance needs even more. One layer provides up to five years of deposit, stain and scratch resistance. 


Washroom remodels are among the wisest household upgrades, because they offer such a significant return on your initial investment. According to the experts at the Appraisal Institute of Canada, you'll recoup up to 75% of the cost. You may also catch the eyes of potential buyers who wouldn't want to deal with a tear-out. Don't underestimate the value of a washroom that looks brand new, especially if your current fixtures are outdated.