Home Window Care During Winter

Wintry weather has its ups and downs; the “downs” are often below zero temperatures! Hopefully you’ve stored your spring and summer lawn maintenance equipment and dusted off your snowblower and shovels. If you’ve put your salt or gravel containers in a convenient location, you’ll be well prepared the first morning that sees icy walkways and roads!

Winterize Your Home

Comfort begins at home! It is recommended you have your fireplace professionally cleaned every other year, but you can take some basic steps to ensure a safe fireplace operation. Clean the fireplace base and check your chimney with a flashlight; you’re looking for birds’ nests or other blockages. You should ensure your fireplace damper opens, closes, and seals tightly. Replenish the wood pile, and you’re ready for the season.

Before the snow falls, you should clean the twigs and leaves out of your home’s gutters. If you haven’t contacted your HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) professional for a service call, this is a good time to do so. They can check your heating equipment and room vents as well as replace any filters. Exposed water pipes should be padded with insulation pipe sleeves and sealed with duct tape.

Window Glass Repair

Don’t wait for icy winds to discover your windows are not properly sealed! None of us want cold air blowing in, and we certainly don’t want to waste energy – and money – on heated air loss. If you notice condensation on your double-pane windows, or if there’s a foggy appearance in the corners, your window seals may need replacement. Your Glass Doctor® of Sunshine Coast glass professionals will repair damaged glass when possible. If window glass repair isn’t possible, we’ll replace your panes with matching glass and maintain the integrity of your property’s curb appeal.

In addition to double-pane windows, many Canadian homeowners and businesses are choosing Low-E (low emissivity) and tinted windows for added energy efficiency and safety. Specially coated glass can block harmful UV rays that damage carpet, upholstery, and fine furnishings. Window tints can be “invisible” and as tasteful as you wish or can enhance your decor with color.

24/7 Emergency Service

Emergencies are never convenient, but when your property suffers glass damage, any time, day or night, call Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast. Our team will clear the area of any glass debris that could be harmful to children or pets, then board-up the window to prevent additional damage from weather or vandals. We’ll return at a convenient time to complete the window glass repair.

Preserving your home’s value and keeping your family safe is our priority. Contact us for more information about winter maintenance your home.