Energy Efficient Historic Home

Prospective homebuyers across the country continue to gravitate toward older houses for a variety of reasons. If you recently purchased a historic home, but hope to improve the comfort of the interior, seek help from Glass Doctor® of Sunshine Coast specialists. We will revitalize the windows and interior glass of your home to improve comfort. Schedule a free, in-home consultation today to discuss upgrading panes to double pane or low-emissivity (Low-E) glass.

The Advantages of Vintage Homes

Purchasing a historic home delivers a variety of advantages. Take a few moments to review some of the benefits that make older homes the more attractive investment.

Engaging History

Unlike a recently constructed home, a historic residence carries a lot of fascinating history from owner to owner. It’s always intriguing to live in a home that has many connections to various times throughout history.

Truly Unique Home Design

For truly historic homes built before the 1940’s, traditional cookie cutter designs are not so prevalent. Buy a historic home to enjoy a beautifully crafted feat of architectural craftsmanship that you can call your own. Historic homes stand out from the crowd and create a unique indoor environment.

Saves Money

While homeowners may spend a fortune on a new home, historic houses are often more affordable. Although some money is often required for renovations, historic homes are easily upgraded to start cutting costs on energy bills. To avoid the sometimes staggering costs of purchasing a new home, buying a historic home proves to be an outstanding alternative.

The Solution to Energy Loss

While older homes are often more affordable, they lack modern components. Most vintage homes feature single pane windows, which are notorious for allowing heat transfer. Our team encourages homeowner to find the home of their dreams and upgrade the panes to have the best in glass without losing the character of an older home. Consider installing double pane windows or low-emissivity (Low-E) glass in your home today.

Double Pane Windows

Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast will install double pane windows to insulate a home against the elements. Beyond temperature control, double pane windows are also excellent at alleviating issues with noise pollution. The windows are comprised of two glass panes with a layer of air in between. This pocket of air is often filled with a gas like argon to maximize this window's insulating properties. The construction of the window guarantees a reduction in heat transfer, ultimately making the home more comfortable.

Low-E Glass

Low-Emissivity (Low-E) glass panes are also an excellent way to upgrade an old home. This glass will prevent outside air from getting in, which contributes to reduced workload on the A/C unit. Energy savings with this glass is further improved by applying tinting. For best results, replace all glass panes in the home and consider making repairs to damaged window panes as well.

To learn more about double pane windows, Low-E glass or other glass upgrades for a historic home, contact Glass Doctor of Sunshine coast over the phone today. Visit us online to fill out a quick service request as well to schedule a free in-home consultation. Bring your historic home back to life with the help of experienced care from our dedicated team of glass specialists.