Childproof Your Home for Summer

Those warm summertime months are finally here! With the kids home from school and the days getting longer, more activity around the house is bound to happen. While added activity around the house can mean messy fingerprints, the spreading of germs, and wear and tear on your sinks, tubs and even glass furnishing, it can also increase the risk for glass damage and even severe breakage that could lead to injuries. Fortunately, the specialists at Glass Doctor® of Sunshine Coast have got a few tips to help you and the kids stay safe and germ free while you bask in the warm summer sun.

Keeping the House Clean and Germ Free

Our glass specialists understand how challenging it can be to continuously scrub those bathrooms and kitchens when the bright summer sun is calling your name. Unfortunately, fingerprints, grime, bacteria and mildew have a way of building up when they are least expected, and summertime fun is too often interrupted. Clear Choice™ glass treatment is the perfect solution. A single application of this smooth glass treatment will help protect your counter tops, tabletops, and other surfaces from hard water buildup, the development of mildew and bacteria, and even kids fingerprints. As an added bonus, the glossy surface created by Clear Choice glass treatment makes cleaning almost effortless.

Staying Safe with Tempered Glass

Standard types of glass that are often found in glass furnishings, sliding patio doors and in other areas throughout the home pose a significant safety risk to children. Breakage results in exposure to sharp shards that can cause deep lacerations, leave unsightly scars, and even cause permanent injuries. Tempered glass, however, is designed to break into smaller, less harmful chunks and is four to five times more durable than regular glass. According to experts, the use of tempered glass in furniture and doors can reduce the number of serious glass-related injuries each year. Consider installing tempered glass in:

  • Dining room tables
  • Coffee tables and accent tables
  • Shelving, TV stands and cabinets
  • Patio doors

Avoid Injuries with Prompt Glass Repair

Strong summer storms, random baseballs, and other hazards can wreak havoc on glass doors and windows. Unfortunately, the dangerous shards of glass that broken windows and doors leave behind often result in cuts and piercings for kids. If your windows or glass doors suffer breakage, be sure to call on the experts at Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast for debris removal and prompt repair. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our team is always available for emergency glass needs.