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Clear Choice Protectant

Cleaning the bathroom used to be hard work. It involved hours of scrubbing every surface with strong chemicals to achieve your desired results. Plus, you needed to repeat the process frequently to keep everywhere shining. This is no longer the case. With Clear ChoiceTM from Glass Doctor® of Sumter, you can protect countertops to windows from stains while reducing the time you need to spend cleaning.

How Does Clear Choice Work?

Clear Choice creates a barrier against water and oils to avoid mineral deposits sticking to surfaces and leading to dirt buildup or scratches. Our specialists will apply the patented product in a single visit, creating a shield against soap scum and other waste products for up to five years. You can use our surface treatment on almost any feature in the bathroom, from granite to glass, to protect features such as bathtubs, sinks, and windows.

Benefits of Our Surface Treatment

The main benefit of Clear Choice is a cleaner bathroom without any back-breaking work. However, the advantages of this product go beyond that. Creating a smooth glean, Clear Choice gives everything from tile to porcelain a glossy appearance you will simply wipe clean. With resistance against impact and hard water etching, you will have no need to worry about making expensive repairs or replacements in the near future. Finally, our surface treatment is a environmentally friendly way to reduce mold and bacteria, a better option than dousing your bathroom in strong chemicals.

Contact us at Glass Doctor of Sumter for more information about our surface treatment and to receive a free in-home consultation. The ideal time to apply Clear Choice is after you have installed a new tub enclosure or shower door, but our specialists will also apply the product to existing features, including toilets and countertops, to prevent damage from environmental pollutants and weathering.