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Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

Shower in style with a new glass shower door or tub enclosure from Glass Doctor® of The Hamptons! Glass doors are easy to clean, don’t rust or degrade and focuses the bathroom’s natural and artificial light. A new shower door or tub enclosure is a lucrative investment in your Suffolk County home, increasing the property’s value and creating a great first impression for prospective buyers.

Glass Doctor of The Hamptons provides a wide range of glass shower doors, from basic models designed to fit all showers to heavy glass units tailored to your bathroom specifically. Our experienced glass specialists can walk you through every aspect of planning, installing, maintaining and budget for your new shower door or tub enclosure.

The first step in renovating your shower doors is to come up with a vision for your ideal enclosure. All shower renovation plans should take the following information into account:

  • Dimensions: Make sure your plans are consistent with the size and shape of your space. Trying to install a shower door that is too big or too small for your bathroom will lead to delays and wasted resources. Contact Glass Doctor of The Hamptons for precise and comprehensive measurements.
  • Composition: It’s important to know the maximum amount of weight your walls can hold. Porcelain tiles can hold more weight than non-vitreous tiles, and are thus more suitable for heavy doors. Also be sure to identify your shower’s supporting studs.
  • Airflow: Glass shower doors or tub enclosures can be a barrier to airflow, allowing moisture, mildew, bacteria and mold to accumulate on the shower walls and ceiling. The risk is especially high if your shower has a low ceiling, the doors are too high or the walls are made of sheetrock. To improve airflow for fully tiled showers, consider installing ventilation panels or a Glass Doctor steam room kit.

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Shower Idea Center

Beside helping you install shower doors or tub enclosures, Glass Doctor of The Hamptons helps you design your new enclosure. We offer general advice, renovation suggestions, a wide selection of vendors and customer support for orders and installation. 

Schedule an in-home consultation with Glass Doctor of The Hamptons today! We will send a glass specialist to your Suffolk County home to gather detailed information on your shower and determine all the possibilities for a new set of doors.