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Custom Mirrors

When thinking about how to improve a room's design be sure to keep custom mirrors in mind. The distinctive beauty and benefits of a custom mirror cannot be mimicked by any other design piece. Glass Doctor® of The Hamptons offers you a myriad of custom mirrors that will immediately enhance your interior design.

Benefits of Custom Mirrors

A mirror is much more than a reflective piece of glass. In fact, no piece of decor is quite like a wonderfully designed and perfectly placed mirror. When you allow our experts to create a custom mirror for your home or business, you will gain access to the following benefits:

Unique beauty: No interior design piece looks or acts like a mirror. Because of this, a custom mirror is the only way to gain the design benefits that it offers.

Better lighting: A mirror continually refracts light. This brightens up an area by distributing light throughout a room that would have otherwise been lost. This benefit is an outstanding addition to any room that has limited light sources.

More room depth: Because a mirror reflects the images in a room, it creates an illusion of depth. This, in turn, will make a space feel bigger. If you're enhancing an area that feels cramped or has little room, then the added depth that a mirror brings will be a perfect addition to the space.

Enhancement of other pieces: A well-placed mirror will give you a complete view of a 3-D piece of artwork, allowing you to enjoy every bit of its elegance.

Your Custom Mirror Options

To get the perfect custom mirror for your space, you'll need more than one type of mirror to choose from. To this end, Glass Doctor of The Hamptons offers you a myriad of custom mirror options, including the following:

Hanging mirror: A hanging mirror can fill dead space in a room without adding clutter. This is because a mirror's reflectiveness prevents it from feeling like it's taking up visual space.

Full wall mirror: If you have a small or cramped room, then a full wall mirror is an outstanding addition. When a mirror takes up a full wall, it will add maximum depth to the room. Full wall mirrors are also great for brightening up dimly lit rooms.

Floor-to-ceiling mirror: You can get a complete look at your outfit with a floor to ceiling mirror. This way, you can make sure that you look perfect before you leave the house.

Mirrored backsplash: A mirrored backsplash can add the finishing touches to any kitchen or bathroom design. It also has the added benefit of making a smaller kitchen or bathroom feel less cramped.

Mirrored shelving: Mirrored shelving lets you take advantage of vertical space in a room, while also providing a 360 degree view of your 3-D artwork.

Vanity mirror: A vanity mirror in your bedroom or bathroom will let you get the close-up you need to clean your face or do your makeup.

Expert Assistance

Our glass design experts will show you all of your custom mirror options; then we'll create the unique glass decor you need. Contact us to get all of your custom glass decor.