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Clear Choice Protectant

From windows and doors to custom interior decor applications, glass is a prominent feature in any home in The Hamptons. Like other parts of a residence, window glass ages from exposure to sun and other pollutants, which affect energy efficiency and overall strength. Fortunately, all types of residential glass can be protected, guaranteeing longer life expectancy.

The glass specialists at Glass Doctor® of The Hamptons offer local homeowners the option of increasing the functionality and beauty of glass, porcelain and other surfaces in your home with an application of our Clear Choiceк glass protectant. Our specialized glass treatment adds a layer of protection to surfaces while cutting down on maintenance efforts.

Protecting Your Investment

The beauty of a new glass shower/tub enclosure or a gorgeous countertop and backsplash can quickly diminish due to soap scum buildup or hard water stains. Once these custom surfaces are marred, cleaning may be difficult unless protected by our low-maintenance protectant.

Clear Choice glass treatment is a patented technology that ensures all types of surfaces are easier to clean due to its ability to repel water and oil. When less liquids adhere to glass or other surfaces, there's less chance of contaminants being able to damage lovely surfaces.

Many decor materials, especially glass, appear to have a smooth surface, but they all contain minute imperfections invisible to the naked eye. An application of Clear Choice fills those fissures, creating an even smoother surface that is more resistant to stains, impacts, scratches and UV rays.

Benefits of Clear Choice

The specialists at Glass Doctor of The Hamptons will skillfully apply a protective coating that repels moisture and the minerals often left behind even after cleaning. Your shower or bath enclosure will sparkle by simply wiping the glass with a clean towel. Clear Choice creates a protective barrier on a wide range surfaces that lasts for up to five years. More importantly, our glass treatment makes cleaning more environmentally friendly because it eliminates the use of harsh chemical cleaners.

Clear Choice protectant system is professionally applied by our glass and surface experts following an informative, personalized consultation in your home. Here are several benefits our innovative product offers:

  • Clear Choice dries 100% clear
  • Cleaning time and effort are cut
  • An application resists scratches, impacts and stains
  • Clear Choice increases surface luster by 20%
  • Our protectant is at least 10 times more water and oil repellent than other coatings
  • The use of harsh cleaners or chemicals is eliminated

Call the specialists at Glass Doctor of The Hamptons for a private, in-home consultation on keeping the surfaces in your home well protected and luminous with one of our Clear Choice glass treatments.