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Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

It is amazing what a custom glass addition does for a room. With the addition of a glass tabletop or customized glass shelves, an otherwise ordinary room is instantly elevated to a timeless, comfortable and clean space. Glass Doctor® of Streator IL specializes in creating one-of-a-kind glass tabletops and shelving.

Choose Glass Tabletops

Custom glass tabletops allow you to transform nearly any table into something more than a simply a piece of furniture. Glass conveys a sense of class, elegance and refinement. It’s also possible to create a custom tabletop with edgework, thickness and finish that enhance your home’s decor.

Types of Custom Glass Tabletops

If you have a table, there is a good chance the experts at Glass Doctor of Streator IL will be able to create a customized glass tabletop for it; no size is out of the question and every shape is an option. Plus, personalize your piece with an edge profile that suits your style. Our most popular options are flat, beveled and pencil.

Your specialist will also consult with you about special features for your glass tabletop that make it safer, including:

  • Specialty glass for outdoor furniture
  • Tempered glass to reduce dangers related to shattering
  • Laminated glass to strengthen your tabletops

If you are ready to transform your otherwise ordinary furniture into something special, contact Glass Doctor of Streator IL today to schedule a consultation with a custom glass specialist.

Custom Shelving for Your Home

Custom glass shelving combines the best of form and function. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but also it is incredibly sturdy and reliable. Glass shelving allows you to organize and reduce clutter in your home. It's a great option for collectible displays too.

Graphic of different glass edges

Types of Custom Shelving for your Home

When you schedule a consultation with a specialist from Glass Doctor of Streator IL you’ll meet with a glass expert ready to create shelves that fit your unique needs. Your specialist will measure your rooms’ dimensions, discuss your personal style and develop a plan to fabricate shelves that meet your desire. Shelves range from eye-catching to convenient and always add to the ambiance of your home.

If you are ready to create custom glass shelving for any space in your home or protect your furniture with glass overlays, contact the experts at Glass Doctor of Streator IL today to schedule an in-home consultation.