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Custom Glass Solutions

Restyle your home with glass; a timeless element that doubles as a beautiful decor addition. Glass Doctor® of Streator IL creates custom mirrors, glass shelves, glass tabletops and more for homeowners in the area. Add a unique glass piece to your home today.

Glass Tabletops

Glass tables are not an uncommon decor element, but virtually any table can be protected with glass. Glass Doctor of Streator IL will cut the glass into nearly any size or shape to create the perfect piece. Keep existing furniture in pristine condition with a glass overlay or replace the existing top with glass. Overlays work particularly well for wood tables with custom etching. The overlay allows the design work to be visible, but prevents debris from entering the grooves, making cleanup easier.

Glass Shelving

Glass shelving is growing in popularity. Glass shelves have the advantage of allowing light to pass through, preventing the shadows that result from traditional materials. The semi-transparency of the glass shelves presents photos and display pieces better. Add glass shelves in any room, but bathrooms especially benefit from glass shelving. The simple addition of a glass towel shelf will work wonders in any bathroom.

People are often hesitant to use glass tabletops and shelves fearing breakage. Fortunately, modern composite glass and glass laminates are very strong and can withstand the rigors of daily life. Even if a disaster occurs and the table is damaged, modern glass is designed not to shatter and expose sharp edges.

Custom Designed Mirrors

Many homeowners are familiar with mirrors as a functional piece, but this unique design aspect lends itself to greater interior uses. To truly take advantage of what glass mirrors offer, ask Glass Doctor of Streator IL to cut a mirror to an exact fit for a particular space. Make mirrors a decor accent rather than a simple practical piece.

Door Glass

Another way to incorporate more glass into your home's decor is to install it in patio, sliding, foyer and entryway doors. There are many styles to choose from and various tinting options depending on your lighting requirements and desires for a particular room or area. A popular option is to replace existing sliding doors with double patio doors and side panels. Replacing solid doors with paned doors is another attractive way to allow more light into a home.

Low-E Glass Windows

Another option for existing or new doors and window glass is the use of a special coating known as low-emissivity (Low-E). This type of glass blocks the undesirable wavelengths of light, including ultraviolet, and allows daylight to shine through. This not only provides a softer light that is easier on the eyes, but also decreases fading of furniture, carpet, rugs and other interior features. 

If you're ready to start adding a modern design to your home's interior, call Glass Doctor of Streator IL and let's get started. Once you see what is possible, you'll understand why glass is such a popular trend in home decor.