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Clear Choice Protectant

From window and mirror surfaces to more custom items like glass-topped tables and hutches, glass is a prominent feature in any Streator home. Proper care and maintenance of the glass and additional surfaces in your home is an essential part of home ownership. The secret to extending the life of any glass piece is protection. Ask the glass specialists at Glass Doctor® of Streator, IL, to apply Clear Choice™ glass treatment to your panes today! This environmentally-friendly protect shields surfaces from normal wear and tear, and works on glass, porcelain, tile and mirrors surfaces.

Protecting Your Investment

The beauty of a new glass shower or tub enclosure, a stunning granite countertop, or tiled backsplash can quickly diminish due to soap scum buildup and hard water stains. Once those stains are on the surface, removing them takes time and elbow grease. Instead of spending time cleaning, proactively protect your surfaces with our low-maintenance coating.

Clear Choice glass treatment is a patented technology made to make surfaces easier to clean while shielding the piece from damage. While many materials, including glass, appear to have a smooth surface, they all contain microscopic fissures not visible to the naked eye. By filling in those imperfections with an application of Clear Choice, the areas become smoother, more resistant to impacts, scratches, stains and UV rays, resulting in an even more brilliant appearance.

Benefits of Clear Choice Treatment

A single treatment of Clear Choice will create a surface which repels all types of oils and liquids, resulting in fewer water spots and stains. Imagine being able to clean your bathroom without scrubbing. In addition, our protectant makes cleaning far more environmentally friendly. Our specialists often recommend a treatment for homeowners hoping to reduce the use of harsh chemical cleaners.

The Clear Choice protectant system is professionally applied by our glass experts following an in-home consultation. A single application of our high-tech protectant creates a barrier on a wide range surfaces that lasts up to five years.

Keep every surface in your home protected and beautiful with one of our patented Clear Choice glass treatments. Call Glass Doctor of Streator, IL, for an in-home consultation.