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Staten Island

Industry Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Staten Island offers local businesses the highest level of glass care service. We understand the need for fast, professional service and handle any type of glass care you may need. We complete commercial glass repair, replacement and upgrades to your design. Our specialists are available around the clock, including on weekends, to respond promptly in case you need emergency door or window repair or replacement services. We also offer a door closer maintenance program to ensure your doors operate smoothly and safely.

Our Commercial Care program offers the following additional commercial glass repair and replacement benefits to local businesses:

  • Priority after-hours response
  • Discounts on all services
  • A 15% discount on all auto glass jobs called in by the property

We have experience helping every industry. Count on our team for a variety of glass services.

Apartments and Condominiums

Our custom glass options make your property stand out from the competition while improving safety for your residents. We have a variety of attractive solutions for areas that benefit from safety glass, such as pool areas, showers and locker rooms. We also offer energy-efficient glass windows that will add to your units’ curb appeal and make them more attractive to prospective residents.

apartment windows


Glass is easy to keep sanitary and looking like new while making your restaurant function more smoothly and creating an attractive ambiance. Our drive-thru window options and sneeze guards for buffet areas will make your restaurant operate more smoothly. We also offer many solutions, such as partitions and windbreaks, for improving your restaurant’s appearance and flow, inside and out.

Schools and Universities

Safety is a top consideration for schools and universities, and our custom glass solutions meet your unique needs. We offer one-way observation glass to make office areas more secure, as well as safety glass for doors, windows, tabletops and other pieces. Our specialists will help make your classrooms, common areas and dormitories more attractive as well as safer with our custom glass solutions.


Our glass decor displays your merchandise to its best advantage while keeping it secure. Custom glass shelving and display cases will precisely fit your available space, making efficient use of your store’s square footage. We’ll also improve your bottom line with energy-efficient windows and doors that pay dividends month after month with lower utility bills.

Hotels and Motels

Our safe, attractive glass products will make your hotel or motel more appealing to guests. Improve your rooms with mirrors over sinks and dressers. Or utilize mirrors as wall decor that brightens each room while making it seem larger. We’ll also make your premises safer with our tempered and safety glass options, including shower doors for individual rooms as well as locker rooms.

Cities and Municipalities

We help keep your city or municipal offices operating smoothly with our door closer maintenance service. Your doors may receive heavy use and our specialists will make sure that they operate smoothly and safely. We also offer window replacement options that will reduce energy bills. In addition, our expedited purchase orders ensure that you'll receive your products as quickly as possible.

For more information about how our local business can help yours, contact Glass Doctor of Staten Island today. We’re experts in commercial glass repair and replacement solutions that beautify your facilities while making them safer and more energy-efficient.