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Staten Island

Custom Mirrors

A custom mirror has the ability to enhance the sophistication and appeal of any living environment. Accentuate your home with beautiful custom glass decor to create a home that is the epitome of comfort for family and friends.

For the best custom mirror solutions in the industry, Glass Doctor® of Staten Island offers a wide selection of glass services to suit your needs. Discuss your vision with our specialists and we will cut glass to your unique specifications. From glass tabletops and shelving to custom mirrors, our dedicated team is ready to help.

Use Mirrors to Create a Statement

Add Depth and the Sensation of Added Space

The right placement of mirrors throughout your home will have a strong effect on encouraging a feeling of spaciousness, even in cramped places. To improve ambiance, consider framed or tiled mirrors to truly make an impression. For best results simply schedule to meet with Glass Doctor of Staten Island. Our specialists will arrive to provide an in-home consultation.

Some of the engaging custom mirrors we offer include:

  • Mirrored Backsplash: Give depth and style to your kitchen area
  • Mirrored wall: Creates the illusion of space in hallways or small rooms
  • Statement mirrors: Perfect for adding style to headboards or fireplaces

Highlight Home Art and Decor

Breathe new life into your art and existing home decor with custom mirrors made to virtually any size you like. Create a mirror entirely your own with accents like edgework details, finishes, tints, frames and more.

Explore our many decorative mirror options such as:

  • Hanging mirrors: Encourage the flow of light to illuminate your art
  • Mirrored shelves: Better appreciate sculptures, collectibles or heirlooms with a 360-degree view
  • Framed mirrors: Fill empty wall space and accentuate framed photos or art

Improve Home Lighting

Instead of buying more lamps invest in mirrors to easily carry light from one room to another. Custom mirrors or tabletops work wonders for illuminating otherwise dreary areas of the home.

Glass Doctor of Staten Island will improve your home's lighting with mirrors such as:

  • Mounted mirrors: Place strategically to reflect window or lamp light from room to room
  • Bedroom mirrors: Improve the spread of both artificial and natural light to create a more comfortable space
  • Framed mirrors: Add a touch of sophistication to bathrooms, walk-in closets or hallways

Impressive Full-Length Mirrors

Add a full-length mirror to completely revamp any room in the home. Entryways, closets and bedrooms are perfect places to install these mirrors. Glass Doctor of Staten Island is happy to cut your custom mirror to match your tastes.

We install beautiful full-length mirrors, including:

  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors: Place near the entryway to look over clothing before work or school
  • Framed mirrors: Improve the appeal of blank walls or boring bathrooms

Contact Glass Doctor of Staten Island over the phone today or complete a service request online to enhance the comfort and appeal of your home. Our glass specialists will perform a no-cost consultation, providing you with years of combined experience to help re-imagine your home decor.