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Clear Choice Protectant

After you invest in a custom tub enclosure, countertop or other delicate surface, it's important to preserve it as long as possible. The Glass Doctor® of St. George team wants all your household investments to remain pristine for years after you install them. Custom glass is a great way to elevate any space and reduce your maintenance needs, but we want to take your upgrade one step further. Our glass specialists will help you make the most of your purchase with the addition of our exclusive surface treatment, Clear Choice™ protectant.

Protect Your Glass Investment

From hard water and mineral deposits to germ and mold buildup, your bathroom and kitchen surfaces face many risks due to everyday use. Fortunately, our surface treatment is designed to reduce many of them. Clear Choice is a professional protectant that keeps your surfaces shiny and water-resistant. It works by forming a protective barrier between your silica-based surfaces and water, oil, soap scum and other common contaminants. It's also easy to clean.

Improve Multiple Surfaces

Glass isn't the only surface that benefits from the protective power of Clear Choice. We also apply this exclusive shield to granite, porcelain, tile and other porous surfaces that need extra protection. Because one application will last for up to five years, this treatment breathes life into older fixtures while keeping new pieces free of stains, smudges, and scratches. We encourage you to schedule a consultation to find out which surfaces are eligible for this exclusive upgrade.

Save Time and Money

Clear Choice forms a water-resistant barrier, which makes cleaning much easier. Glass Doctor of St. George specialists want you to enjoy your new glass installations, not spend time and money scrubbing them. Clear Choice allows you to wipe contaminants and water right off the transparent coating, reducing the likelihood of mold and bacteria buildup too. Of course, you also buy fewer cleaning products, sparing the environmental and financial costs of harsh chemicals.

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Glass Doctor of St. George offers a variety of ways to improve and maintain your well-used surfaces. Schedule an appointment or call us today to learn more about our Clear Choice surface treatment and other protective options for your glass.