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Double Pane Windows

Windows have an enormous impact on your home’s comfort level and energy efficiency. They’re the greatest source of temperature exchange in your home, if they seal has splintered heat, cold and water vapor seep into your home. Glass Doctor® of West Central MN offers insulated glass window services and products that will lower your energy costs.

Insulated Glass Benefits

double pane window

A new double pane window will reduce energy usage, since windows account for up to 25% of heating costs. Extras like low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings reflect UV rays raising the efficiency output. But to enjoy these benefits, double pane windows must maintain a proper seal to keep drafts of cold air from reaching your home and to make sure condensation doesn't build up between panes.

Rather than having just a single pane of glass between you and the outside elements, insulated glass units (IGUs) have at least two panes of glass. They also are built with additional insulating elements, such as a spacer between the panes that seals the pocket of air cushioned between the two panes. Spacers made from silicone or filled with moisture-absorbing material are used to help protect against condensation. Some IGUs also utilize argon or krypton gas between the panes to provide an even higher level of insulation. Finally, your entire unit is sealed using a high-grade product to prevent condensation and provide more insulation.

Insulated Glass Replacement in St. Cloud

Replacing your windows with our IGUs is easier than you think. Your existing frames will be left in place; we'll install your new double pane windows today. We also offer additional technology that will further increase the energy-efficiency of your windows. Low-E windows have a metallic coating that reflects heat back outside, reducing energy gain. It also protects your furniture and other belongings against fading from sunlight.

Schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor of West Central MN and our specialists will help you get started on making your St. Cloud home more energy-efficient and comfortable.


Keep the frame, replace the glass.