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Door Closer Repair Service

First impressions have a lasting impact on customers that walk through the door of your business, which means that a front door that isn't working properly could hurt your reputation, not to mention cause potential safety issues.

It's why our door closer care specialists at Glass Doctor® of West Central MN provide full-fledged manual door closer care services, including repair and maintenance work, to ensure the safety of your commercial doors and anyone who walks through them.

How Door Closers Work

Manual door closers make it easy for customers and employees alike to open your doors without having to physically close them. A door closer that is properly installed will provide a little bit of resistance as someone tries to open the door, which provides the person an idea of the door weight. That resistance gives way after only a moment, allowing the door to glide smoothly open. Once pressure is no longer applied to the door by the user, the door closer will allow the door to gently close on its own.

Door Closer Repair

  • Incorrect types of door closers: A door that doesn't have the right door closer installed can end up being a safety risk and can result in misalignments as well as damage to both the door and the door closer. This is why heavy doors need stronger door closers that use stronger springs.
  • Improperly installed and adjusted door closers: A properly installed door closer ensures that it will not only function properly, but that it will also last a long time. Our specialists will install and adjust your door closers to prevent door frame damage, misalignments and abnormal movements of the door.
  • Seal repairs and low oil levels: A broken seal will expose a door's clearance gap, which in turn leaves its hardware vulnerable and can result in lubricant leaks. An oil leak is typically a sign that there is a mechanical issue with your door closer, such as a failed seal, a broken O-ring or a missing screw. You'll want to have one of our specialists replace the door closer's oil to prevent your doors from opening or closing too quickly.
  • Difficult to lock: Our specialists will fix any locking issues your door may be having. A locking issue not only poses a security threat, but also affects the condition of the door closer, the doorframe and the locking mechanism itself.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

The specialists at Glass Doctor of West Central MN are carefully trained to properly install, maintain and repair door closers. We will ensure that the components of your commercial doors will remain in good working condition and be safe to use.

Not only do we provide professional door closer care service, but our specialists are also trained to repair, replace and maintain door glass, doorframes, hinges, thresholds and other door hardware. Contact us at Glass Doctor of West Central MN today to schedule a door closer care service today.