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Central Illinois

G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

Glass Doctor® of Central Illinois specializes in repairing and replacing damaged windshields for drivers in Springfield. When you get a windshield installed by our experts, keep your new glass protected with our exclusive G12® Road Hazard Guarantee.

How it Works

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For one year after the installation of a windshield, if it becomes cracked or chipped, it's on us. A Glass Doctor of Central Illinois specialist will try to repair the glass first. This option is not only faster for you, but spares the landfill from another broken windshield. Plus, your windshield will still be covered for the duration of your original guarantee.

If we are not able to make a complete repair, we will replace the glass at no charge. If you choose the G12 Future Installation Option, we will also cover the cost of labor, kit, molding and clips with your replacement windshield.

Guarantee Details

  • The G12 Guarantee covers the 12 months following a windshield replacement.
  • Claims must be made at the original installation location before the guarantee expires.
  • The G12 Guarantee covers only normal road hazards; it excludes damage from collisions, willful damage, fraud or acts of nature.
  • All glass repairs must be completed at a physical Glass Doctor location.
  • The guarantee excludes all Class A motor coaches, buses, and Class 7 or 8 heavy duty trucks.

Protect Your Investment

To learn more about our windshield repair and replacement services in Springfield, call or schedule your appointment online today!

Some exclusions may apply.