Clear Choice Protectant

Bathroom and kitchen surfaces such as glass, ceramic and porcelain provide perfect places for the buildup of mineral deposits and soap scum. In addition, mirrors, tub enclosures, shower doors, and other surfaces can become dull and lackluster from the soap, shampoo and bacteria. They become difficult to clean and may fade. Glass Doctor® of Central Illinois offers our Clear Choice™ surface treatment, which we designed to protect vulnerable surfaces. Not only will our innovative product provide relief from the ongoing challenge of cleaning, maintaining and preserving glass and other surfaces, but Clear Choice also preserves and restores delicate finishes, which keeps them looking like new.

Protect Your Investment

Hard water contains alkaline and creates lime scale, which appears as small chalky and white mineral residue. The unsightly stains settle on the surface of tile, glass, granite and other objects in your kitchen and bathroom, wearing away the surface and destroying the beauty of the finish. Clear Choice forms a transparent and highly resistant coat that makes water and oil form into droplets, which roll off the treated surface effortlessly.

Our specialists will treat these surfaces with a single application of Clear Choice Protectant. It protects your surfaces from scratches for as long as five years. You can depend on our surface treatment to shield various surfaces from many types of unwanted conditions, including:

  • Hard water deposits
  • Mineral deposits
  • Weathering
  • Ecological pollutants

Make one call to Glass Doctor of Central Illinois to bring an end to these problems forever. Our Clear Choice surface treatment works for windows, countertops, sinks, shelves, toilets and other surfaces effectively. The special formula makes the task of maintaining, cleaning and preserving both new and existing objects easier.

The Benefits of Clear Choice Protectant

We developed Clear Choice as an easy solution for the protection and restoration of tile, ceramic and glass surfaces. Our experts can also apply the surface treatment to your outdoor furniture,auto glass and specialty accessories. A single application of Clear Choice solves a variety of issues commonly associated with glass and other surfaces. The results you can expect include:

  • Reduction in mold, mildew and germs
  • Less hard water stains
  • Formation of water and oil-resistant surfaces
  • Decrease in soap residue
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Creation of shinier surfaces

Consider Clear Choice if you want to make your surfaces more resistant against abrasions and impacts. It also makes cleaning easier and improves the appearance. Our eco-friendly surface treatment will not harm your health because it does not contain any toxic chemicals.

The kitchen and bathroom in your home receive more traffic than any other space, which results in the accumulation of soil, dirt, grime and other contaminants. Call Glass Doctor of Central Illinois to have our revolutionary surface treatment applied to glass, tile and other objects in your home. Clear Choice Protectant reduces your cleaning time significantly. The product will also restore the finish to glass shower doors, tub enclosures and other objects, and make them sparkle like new. Our glass experts service both residential and commercial customers for all of your glass care repair and replacement needs. Contact us today!