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Custom Glass Solutions

One of the best parts of home ownership is making a house your own. Custom glass decor lets you express yourself without buying cookie cutter decor pieces. Glass Doctor® of Spring will deliver pieces that match your style and fit perfectly in your abode. Custom glass decor provides the perfect opportunity to customize your home and furnishings. With design assistance, professional measurements and expert installation, we make it easy for you to create your custom glass decor.

Custom Made Glass Shelves

We create custom glass tabletops for brand new coffee tables, antique desks and more. We offer distinctive options for edge detailing, tinted glass, special sizes and unique shapes. We ensure that your design meets safety standards, perfectly sized and suited to your needs. Dress up a forgotten alcove in your house with custom glass shelving.

Customized Glass Tabletop Designs

A glass tabletop not only looks beautiful, but it also protects furniture underneath from sun damage and fading. We offer safe options like tempered or laminated glass for coffee tables, dining tables and more, to prevent accidental injuries or unsightly chipping. Design options like tinted or etched glass make your tabletop subtly spectacular.

Custom Mirrors Transform Your Home

Custom mirrors bring an illusion of spaciousness to a lonely corner of your room or your hallway. Mirrors designed to your taste add ornamental flair to a plain, unadorned fireplace. Dining room mirrors double the impact of a graceful chandelier, reflecting light and shape around the room. Brighten and expand your space with custom mirrors from Glass Doctor of Spring.

Custom Glass Patio Doors

Not just any patio door will do, to make your home memorable to visitors and a delight to your family. Customize the design of your glass doors with etching or tinting, with practical assistance from our design consultant. Replace an opaque interior door with French doors to show off details of the next room, opening up your space. Add decorative doorlites to update your home's entrance. Options for glass inserts include:

  • Sliding blinds over double pane windows
  • Decorator door glass with matching side panes
  • Weather-proof hurricane glass
  • Energy-efficient Low-E glass
  • Laminated safety glass that resists impacts and shatters safely

About Low-E Windows

Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows act as sun protection for your home, reducing glare and filtering damaging UV radiation. The reflective properties of Low-E glass make it a popular choice for commercial building and custom home decor. Thin metallic coatings on Low-E glass decrease incoming light by approximately 10 percent. Low-E glass benefits:

  • Protects furniture, carpeting, curtains and household contents from sun damage, adding to their useful life and delaying replacement
  • Controls your indoor climate for a comfortable home
  • Reduces energy costs by allowing sunlight to enter without heat transfer
  • Decreases glare to improve your view of the outdoors
  • Increases home values

It feels wonderful to create a home that reflects your unique style. Let Glass Doctor of Spring create and install the ideal custom glass decor solutions for your home. Get a free in-person consultation. Contact us today to discover the difference personalized decor makes in your space.