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South Winnipeg

Custom Glass Solutions

Home decor is never just about beauty. High-quality decorations save energy, reducing cleaning times, and preserve the interior of your home. Glass Doctor® of South Winnipeg offers a wide range of glass decorations and enhancements for all domestic needs. With our custom glass decor, you’ll have no trouble achieving the aesthetic of your dreams.

Exceptional Expert Advice

Our goal isn’t to change the interior of your house, but rather to bring your decorative choices to new heights. When we perform a consultation, our team will carefully examine your decorations and find ways to enhance the effect. We bring your aesthetic desires to life with state-of-the-art glass decor and upgrades. Our most effective tools to accomplish this include:

Tabletops And Shelves

Glass tabletops open up a room, providing a solid, functional surface that shows off the carpet underneath. Glass Doctor of South Winnipeg offers tempered glass tables to improve safety, as well as repairs to render broken tables good as new. If you prefer woodwork, we install glass overlays to protect wooden surfaces from sun, stains, and liquids. We customize our tables and overlays to fit all sizes and shapes, incorporating them seamlessly into your home.

In addition to tabletops, we also provide glass shelves to store and display lightweight items. Not only are glass shelves easier to clean, but they provide multiple viewing angles for the items you show off.

Mirror Marvels

Show us a cramped or poorly-lit room and we’ll show you a mirror that will make it more livable. Well-placed mirrors expand even the smallest rooms into an open and beautiful space. They also transmit light, illuminating areas out of the range of windows and light fixtures. As with all of our custom glass decor, we’ll tailor our mirrors to any size, shape, or glass type.

Door Decorations

Glass Doctor of South Winnipeg provides glass patio doors, French doors, and a myriad of other beautiful, welcoming entryways for your home. For houses located in cities and busy areas, we will install sliding blinds to keep out noise while preserving your privacy. For your house’s interior, we offer custom glass decor to enhance existing entrances. We provide weather-resistant glass to keep your doors in good condition year-round, as well as quick, non-invasive repairs if anything does break.

Solar Shielding

Ultraviolet rays cause furniture, woodwork, and wallpaper to fade, ruining the color and the overall effect. With Low-Emissivity, or Low-E, glass on your windows, you can keep UV rays out of your home and preserve the quality of your interior. Low-E glass contains a metallic coating that blocks heat and UV radiation without interfering with visible light. We offer Low-E options for all of our doors, windows, and custom glass decor.

Quality Consultation

The customer is always right, and that’s especially true when it comes to home decor. Simply tell us what you want for your home and we’ll find a way to make it work. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Glass Doctor of South Winnipeg today.