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Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

The bathroom is one of the top places for renovations and upgrades in your Sioux City home, and they provide some of the best value. Nothing says modern and clean like a glistening all-glass shower door or tub enclosure at the center of focus. Glass Doctor® of Sioux City offers glass products for every bathroom need and style. Our certified glass specialists can make your upgrade dream a reality.

When upgrading or adding new shower doors or tub enclosures, there are several choices you must consider:

  • Configuration: Once you have chosen the location you would like for your new installation, we need to know what the surrounding walls are made of. This allows us to determine the allowable weight of glass that can be used.
  • Measurements: Glass Doctor will send uniformed glass specialists to your Sioux City home to talk to you about the process and give you a price estimate. They will also do all the measuring for you. We want to ensure sure your framed or frameless shower door installation goes smoothly.
  • Ventilation: We will assess the ventilation requirements of your bathroom and help you choose a system to meet those needs. This ensures you will not have problems with moisture build-up causing mold or paint damages.

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Shower Idea Center

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At Glass Doctor of Sioux City, our certified glass experts are highly trained and love to help make your dreams come to life. We can do custom work to create your perfect bathroom and our workmanship is guaranteed. If you need more information call us today or schedule an in-home consultation!