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Double Pane Windows

During the hot summer months and the below freezing temperatures of winter, proper insulation of your Sioux City home is imperative to maintaining comfortable energy levels and reducing utility costs. Old and drafty single pane windows allow hot and cold air to enter through worn seals causing you to constantly adjust your thermostat for comfort.

Double Pane Windows

double pane window

Replacing old windows with energy efficient double pane windows is probably one of the most valuable investments you can make in your Sioux City home. Double pane windows are not merely made from thicker glass, but these insulated units consist of two single sheets of glass that are constructed with a space of sealed air between them. That space measures up to once inch in width and is double sealed for long-lasting wear. 

Double pane windows can be made from low-emissivity (Low-E) glass, which reflects ultraviolet light away from your home. Ultraviolet light emitted from the sun causes colors to fade from fabrics, wood and other furnishings in your home. In addition to reducing heating and cooling costs, double pane windows will provide an additional layer of protection for your interior home decor. 

Replace Just The Glass

Consider replacing your old drafty windows with double pane windows. Glass Doctor® of Sioux City can help you improve your home’s heating and cooling efficiency by replacing just the glass in your existing frames. Our glass specialists will keep the original frame and grid and replace your panes with insulated glass units (IGUs). If you are installing windows in a newly constructed residence of building, the glass specialist at Glass Doctor will help you select window frames to compliment the landscape of your new home.

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Keep the frame, replace the glass.