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Clear Choice Protectant

Your windows, mirrors and countertops are investments. Even though these are hard surfaces, they are not immune to damage. Clear Choice™ surface protectant is perfect for nearly every surface in your home. Clear Choice can be used to enhance everything from mirrors to hard floors. A single professional application will protect and beautify your hard surfaces for years to come. The technicians at Glass Doctor® of Shreveport, LA will professionally apply this surface protectant for you, for the maximum benefit.

The Benefits of Clear Choice

The unique capabilities of Clear Choice make it a great way to protect your household surfaces from mold, mildew and hard water stains. You will also find that cleaning time is reduced on surfaces that have received a Clear Choice application.

Long-Term Protection

Once the solution is applied to one of your hard surfaces it acts as a rugged barrier between your hard surface and the outside world. Everything - including those ugly scratches and cracks that come from normal use - will be prevented. Clear Choice doesn't just protect against abrasion either. It will also prevent hard water, mineral deposits, environmental pollutants and even germs from damaging your hard surfaces.

Also, Clear Choice is designed to last. After only a single application by one of the Glass Doctor of Shreveport, LA specialists, your surface will be protected for years.

Making Cleaning Easier

Clear Choice is a low-viscosity surface. As a result, dirt and grime won't stick as easily and you won't have to scrub as hard - or as often - to clean your household surface. This environmentally friendly solution is also great at removing surface stains.

Keep Your Hard Surfaces Beautiful

Enjoy invisible protection from mold and scratches with Clear Choice protectant. Whether your hard surfaces are old or new, contact your local Glass Doctor of Shreveport, LA today to learn more about your professional application of Clear Choice!

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