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Custom Mirrors

A custom mirror is a stylish and sophisticated decor piece that showcases your unique personal touch. No matter where it’s placed, a mirror is a simple and attractive way to open up any room of your home, reflecting a beautiful light that makes the space appear bigger, warmer and more inviting. At Glass Doctor® of Sewell, NJ, our highly-qualified glass experts are ready to guide you through our wide range of custom mirror options and show you how the careful placement of mirrors throughout your home has the added benefit of reducing your energy bills.

If you’re a Blackwood, Glassboro or Woodbury homeowner interested in expressing your individual style through the artistry of mirrors, we have one of Gloucester County’s largest selections from which to choose.

Complement with Natural Light

Adding one or more mirrors in just the right place can double the amount of light in any room. When hung opposite a picture window or placed behind a lamp, a mirror will reflect the natural or artificial light throughout the space. Custom mirrors are best for this sort of design because they are made to fit the space.

  • Try positioning bedroom mirrors directly across from windows to create the illusion of additional windows.
  • Mount mirrors above dressers or nightstands to reflect lamp light beautifully into every corner of the room.
  • Add a large framed custom mirror over your bathroom sinks to reflect light and create an luxurious look.
  • Install a mirror tile backsplash in your kitchen to create depth and to reflect light.

The Glass Doctor of Sewell, NJ, custom glass options include unique tints, finishes, edges and shapes, all of which will add visual interest to your home.

Create Focus with Custom Mirrors

There are no hard rules to follow when it comes to mirrors. Try a mirror with a unique frame to draw attention to a space. Position mirrors throughout a room to make it appear wider, longer or taller. If you don’t want to put nails in the wall, a tall mirror leaned against a wall creates the illusion of depth. A custom mirror can be the focal point and a conversation piece indoors or out! Trust our team to make complimentary additions to your home:

  • Install mirrored glass on kitchen cabinets to enlarge a small kitchen space.
  • Hang an assortment of mirrors in a hallway in a salon-style arrangement.
  • Make an outdoor porch feel more like an actual room by hanging a large mirror on the exterior wall.
  • Add mirrored wardrobe panels on existing closet doors.

Your Custom Mirror Specialists

Whether you want to make a dramatic bold statement, or give your home a classic traditional look, we will cut any custom mirror design for you. The Glass Doctor of Sewell, NJ, specialists are the experts of glass enhancement and repair. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation. We look forward to serving all your custom mirror needs!