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Custom Glass Solutions

It is almost impossible to find glass decor that suits your home when you buy a commercial piece. A far better solution is custom glass decor designed to your specifications. In addition to creating new pieces, the Glass Doctor® of Sewell NJ experts offer a glass repair service to update your current decor.

Glass Decor for Your Sewell Home

Glass Tabletops

A glass overlay on a tabletop will protect the furniture beneath while improving the appearance of your dining room table, desktop or coffee table. If you have a glass tabletop that looks far from its best, contact us for a glass repair or to design a new piece. Use the opportunity to try different edging or thickness, which creates a new focal point in the space. Our specialists recommend you use safety glass to avoid injury in the case of a breakage; this glass type is ideal for outdoor furniture on your patio or by the pool.

Glass Shelves

If you have a room full of clutter, but with plenty of wall space, you will benefit from glass shelving. Take advantage of our custom glass service not only to create a design you love but to also gain assistance in planning the layout for installation. Plus, if you already have glass shelves, we can replace any that are cracked or broken with more in the same design.

Custom Mirrors

Choose from a mirrored wall, backsplash or statement piece to add depth to a room, increase light or add a decorative touch. If you have a mirror you love that is damaged, we can replace the glass repair to restore the room.

French Doors

At Glass Doctor of Sewell NJ, we extend our custom glass repair service to doors, replacing and updating entryways, side windows and doorlites. Choose from a range of glass insert options: double pane windows; all-weather glass, such as hurricane-rated laminated glass; and decorative glass. What is right for you will depend on whether you want to improve safety, comfort, appearance or a combination of these features. Our specialists will offer you advice on the best option for your needs.

Low-Emissivity Windows

Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows feature a reflective metallic coating that filters light and prevents UV rays from entering your home. With Low-E windows, you can expect reduced glare, lower energy bills and no premature fading of your furnishings, carpet and draperies, all of which increase your home value.

Contact us at Glass Doctor of Sewell NJ for a new piece of custom glass decor or for a glass repair. We strive to create a beautiful and comfortable space for you.