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Clear Choice Protectant

Glass Doctor® of Sewell NJ gives homeowners throughout Southern New Jersey the opportunity to use Clear Choice™ treatment on a variety of surfaces in your home. In addition to tub enclosures and glass shower doors, Clear Choice is excellent for toilets, sinks, windows, countertops and other surfaces. Instead of working harder and tirelessly scrubbing away grime, work smarter with Clear Choice proactive glass care. This state-of-the-art solution will allow you to spend less time scrubbing and prevent you from having to use harsh and abrasive cleaners, which may actually damage your bathroom surfaces.

Clear Choice simplifies cleaning. Once applied, the surfaces repel oil and water. When less oils and water stick to your surfaces, the less soap scum and hard water deposits you will have. Clear Choice from Glass Doctor of Sewell NJ is the ideal way to work less and protect your investment.

Protect Your Investment with Clear Choice Proactive Glass Care

Hard water stains transform your beautiful tile, granite, glass, and porcelain in your bathroom into a tiring cleaning task. It seems as if the harder you clean, the more soap scum and hard water appears. Clear Choice is a professionally applied system that helps to protect those surfaces with a single application. Your surfaces will be scratch resistant and easier to clean. This high-tech shield creates a barrier on all silica-based surfaces that's designed to last up to five years with a single application.

Get the Clear Choice Advantage

Savvy homeowners understand the amazing benefits of Clear Choice proactive glass care and rave about the product. This innovative solution helps restore and protect a wide array of bathroom surfaces. With a single application of Clear Choice, you will enjoy:

  • Scratch, stain, and impact resistance
  • Less bacteria and mold
  • Fewer and less frequent cleanings
  • Glossier and prettier surfaces
  • Greener and more environmentally friendly solution
  • Prevention from hard water etching

Once Clear Choice is added to your surfaces, the space will be easier to clean and more beautiful. Make sure you ask for Clear Choice anytime you have a new tub enclosure or shower door installed. This new innovative solution will save you time time and help keep your bathroom more tidy.

Schedule your free in-home consultation for Clear Choice proactive glass care today with an expert from Glass Doctor of Sewell NJ.