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Advance Measurement System

From wasting money to driving away customers, broken windows are a nightmare for businesses. Glass Doctor® of Sewell NJ is always available to repair or replace your broken panes. If you have rare glass or unusually configured windows, repairs may take longer than you like. To keep delays to a minimum, we have developed the Advance Measurement system, a proactive glass care program that allows us to begin repairs as soon as you notify our team. As an Advance Measurement customer, you'll never have to wait for the panes you need.

Prudent Preparation, Rapid Repairs

When you sign up for our Advance Measurement System, our proactive glass care team will visit your office and take an inventory of all the windows. We will record the shape, type of glass and location, assigning each window a number and mapping it out on a diagram of your building. If a window breaks, you need only tell us where it is and we will immediately be able to obtain new panes for your business. Besides allowing us to identify your windows, the Advance Measurement system keeps your payment and contact data on file to hasten any services. This simplifies the payment process and prevents administrative delays.

Stocking Up

We pride ourselves on keeping as many kinds of glass on hand as possible. However, we cannot guarantee we to have your specific windows in stock. If your office has unique panes, we contact the vendor and pre-order replacement units at your request. This allows us to quickly obtain new panes when the old ones break. We also pre-order panes for windows that break frequently, ensuring we will always have enough replacement units in stock.

Advance Measurement Advantages

  • Cut costs: The Advance Measurement System avoids costly labor trips by taking a proactive approach. Allowing us to replace your glass in one trip.
  • Reduce liabilities: The quicker you fix your windows the less likely customers and employees are to get injured.
  • Increase safety: Quick repairs protect your business from intruders.
  • Avoid delays: We will fix your windows more quickly and with fewer interruptions.
  • Take care of credit: We let you establish billing information ahead of time, reducing payment complications.

Don't ignore the needs of your business. Contact Glass Doctor of Sewell NJ today for an Advance Measurement consultation.