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Clear Choice Protectant

Drivers all over the Seattle area have discovered the effectiveness of Clear Choice™ protectant for auto glass, but the applications of this glass treatment don't end there. Clear Choice goes beyond glass and vehicles, apply it to different surfaces in your home or office. From shower doors and tub enclosures to countertops and sinks, this advanced surface treatment from Glass Doctor® of Seattle will protect your most vulnerable surfaces.

Reduce Your Workload

There was a time when keeping bathroom surfaces clean sparkling meant hours of scrubbing with harsh cleansers. Clear Choice puts an end to that, creating a defensive barrier that makes these surfaces easier to clean. The key lies in its ability to make surfaces more oil- and water-repellent. When oil and water don't stick to a surface, they can't deposit dirt, minerals and soap scum. The result is easier and less frequent cleanings.

Make Your Surfaces More Resilient

Hard water stains take a toll on the surfaces in your bath area over time. Clear Choice is an advanced glass treatment system that is professionally applied by our experts to defend surfaces against long-term damage. Clear Choice is environmentally friendly, and creates a smooth barrier so you won't even notice it's there. It works on a wide range or materials, including:

  • Glass
  • Tile
  • Porcelain
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Stainless steel

Protect Your Investment

With one visit by one of our specialists, Clear Choice will make your countertops and other surfaces more resistant to scratches, stains and more. This patented product forms a durable protective barrier on silica-based surfaces, resulting in a longer lifespan for your mirrors, shower doors and other areas. A single application holds up for as long as five years, and defends against:

  • Hard water
  • Mineral deposits
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Scratches
  • Weathering

Enjoy the Benefits of Clear Choice

Savvy homeowners have discovered that the benefits of Clear Choice glass treatment go far beyond auto glass. At Glass Doctor of Seattle, our specialists are trained to apply this professional glass protectant to surfaces throughout your home, providing benefits that include:

  • Less frequent cleanings
  • Reduced mold and bacteria
  • Resistance to stains and scratches
  • Hard water etching prevention
  • Smoother surfaces

Contact Glass Doctor of Seattle today, and let our team help keep your bathroom sparkling. A single application of Clear Choice is all it takes.