Windshield Repair and Replacement

Vehicle owners in the greater Schaumburg area know their windshield is critical to the safety system of their car. It protects passengers from the weather, flying debris and accidents. It's vital to week windshield glass repair at the first sign of damage to ensure the pane remains reliable and secure. The Glass Doctor® of Schaumburg automotive experts provide the community with quality auto glass care, no matter how minor the damage may seem. Our windshield glass repair experts specialize in fast, courteous mobile service.

Always Repair Damaged Windshields

There are two important reasons to repair or replace a damaged windshield: to restore visibility and safety.


  • A clear field of vision is always vital to the safe operation of any vehicle.
  • Even small dings or cracks in a windshield can expand, which can impair safe driving.
  • Any damage to a windshield distracts a driver.
  • Windshield imperfections reflect sun glare and the lights from other vehicles.

Safety Issues

Any vehicle's windshield provides at least one-third of the vehicle's structural strength. Even the smallest dings or imperfections can turn into dangerous cracks, especially when the truck or car is moving.

  • A slightly damaged windshield cannot offer any occupants an acceptable safety level.
  • During head-on collisions, the windshield contributes to nearly half of the interior structural integrity of a vehicle.
  • If your truck or car is involved in a rollover accident, the windshield absorbs 60 percent of the pressure, so it's a vital component for the vehicle's roof.
  • It's also a proven fact that a structurally sound windshield assists in airbag deployment airbags.

Windshield Repair

The windshield glass repair specialists at Glass Doctor of Schaumburg always review the damage before deciding the best service approach. Factors that determine if windshield repair is possible are:

The size of damage: With very few exceptions, surface damage no larger than 3/8 of an inch, or three-inch cracks are commonly acceptable for windshield repair services.

Location of damage: Spider web cracks or those near a windshield's rim usually require replacement due to their tendency to spread rapidly. Damage on the driver's side will need replacement service.

Timeline: The longer any damage is ignored, the worse the outlook is for repairing your windshield. Daily driving, road debris and the weather all contribute to further weakening a damaged windshield. If your personal or work vehicle has any windshield damage, our automotive glass specialists will try to examine it the day you call.

For our customer's convenience, we offer on-location consultations and repair services. Most repairs take under an hour, and your insurance will cover the cost of treatment.

Windshield Replacement

Because windshields are specifically designed with your safety in mind, correct installation techniques are necessary to maintain the structural integrity of your vehicle. When you seek replacement service, look for a shop that follows the safety standards created by Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC).

The Glass Doctor of Schaumburg meets the AGSC's strict replacement procedures. Even before the windshield removal, our team will protect the interior and exterior paint and trim. We only use council-approved adhesive, which is applied to the frame of the vehicle. We only use windshields that match the requirements and standards of the original equipment manufacturer. While the replacement process takes about an hour, another 60 minutes is usually required for proper bonding.

Quality Assurance

If you choose to work with our team, you will have our personal quality guarantee. We'll review our G12® Road Hazard Guarantee with you, which covers glass repairs or a single replacement service. The protection is good for 12 months following installation. Glass Doctor of Schaumburg offers the highest level of customer service in the area. Contact our team today!