Storefront Doors

Your business' success is defined by the impressions that you make on customers. One of the first impressions of your company that a customer gets is right at your front door. How welcoming your storefront's glass doors and windows are will define how comfortable someone feels when they walk into your store. It is critical to take good care of your storefront's glass fixtures to guarantee a positive impression. Glass Doctor® of Schaumburg has the tools and skills to maintain, restore and upgrade your storefront's doors and windows.

Storefront Glass Care

Glass Doctor of Schaumburg offers you a wide range of storefront glass care services to keep your business looking its best. Not only will our team provide standard storefront care services, but we will also help you to personalize your panes to hone the message you send potential clients.

Emergency Glass Repair

When your storefront's glass breaks, your business immediately becomes less welcoming to customers. Broken glass is also a safety and security hazard. That's why we will come out and fix your broken glass fixture, no matter when the break occurs.

Storefront Glass Replacement

Although we will always seek to do a repair, this isn't always possible. If your storefront's glass is damaged beyond repair, then we will replace it completely. We can replace any glass, including glass panes with unique sizes and cuts.

Advance Measurement

The Advance Measurement is the best way streamline your storefront glass care service. Once you enroll, our glass specialist will pay a visit to your storefront and diagrams every piece of glass in your building. We take notes and measurements of panes in your front doors to the glass display cases in the back. If any glass ever breaks, call our team. We will use your diagram to coordinate a quick service. Because we know what is broken, we will be able to come out and completely repair your broken glass without delay.

Storefront Glass Upgrades

In addition to caring for your storefront glass, we can also upgrade it. These additions will vastly improve your safety:

Bulletproof glass: This storefront glass upgrade will keep your business safe from bullets and other high-impact items.

Fireproof glass: Fireproof glass is robust enough to minimize the effects flames have on your building.

Security film: Enhancing your glass with security film will make it difficult to break into your storefront. Security film holds the glass in your doors and windows in place, even when the pane breaks.

Glass tinting: Having your glass tinted protects your furniture and products from UV damage that the sun can cause.

Quality Storefront Glass Care

Glass Doctor of Schaumburg will make sure your storefront's glass always makes a wonderful impression. Give us a call today. We are ready to fix your panes!®