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Double Pane Windows

When your home must endure extreme weather conditions, your windows become a primary source of heat exchange. Heat seeps into your home during the summer and cold enters in winter. Temperature fluctuations force your climate control systems to work harder. Energy costs rise as you try to stay comfortable. At Glass Doctor® of Schaumburg, we understand your windows are critical to controlling increases in seasonal energy costs. We recommend a double pane window or triple pane window upgrade. These insulated glass units reduce weather-related heat exchange.

Windows in Disrepair

If you have aging IGUs, you may be experiencing a recurrence of prior heat exchange problems. Over time, extreme temperatures cause window seals to deteriorate and display visible signs of age. Your panes become milky in appearance. You may notice condensation between the layers. Our glass specialists correct these conditions with IGU repair or replacement.

double pane window

Built to Withstand Hard Work

Insulated glass units improve your home's insulating ability and keep you comfortable. Our manufacturing partners produce double pane and triple pane windows to work hard for you and your home. They make each IGU using two or three panes separated by an insulating spacer. Some spacers are filled with a desiccant to absorb moisture. Others incorporate warm-edge technology to enhance condensation resistance. Double pane window and triple pane window assemblies are completed using high-grade sealants. For maximum insulation capability, some manufacturers inject argon or krypton gas into the space between the panes.

These windows are made to keep the influx of cold and hot temperatures to a minimum and decrease the loss of climate controlled air. IGUs reduce your heating and cooling system's workload and lower your energy consumption. As the weather changes and temperatures fluctuate, you will notice the reduction in energy costs.

Our Cost-Saving IGU Option

One of the greatest upgrades you can give your home is new windows. Glass Doctor of Schaumburg, we understand that a double pane window upgrade is an energy efficient solution for your home. If you can't fit a full window replacement into your budget, we offer a cost-saving option. When possible, we perform a pane-only installation. Our team installs a triple or double pane window into your existing frame, and you receive an IGU upgrade for an economical price.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Replacing your aging windows with modern insulated glass units lowers your energy costs and saves you money. Our glass specialists are ready to discuss the benefits of an IGU upgrade for your home. Schedule a free home consultation online or call us at 888-516-8133 for more information.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.