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Door Closer Repair Service

Superb customer service starts the second a customer walks through your doors. Ensure your business makes the right first impression with fully functioning and stylish doors. Glass Doctor® of Schaumburg offers professional door maintenance and door closer repair to ensure your doors are safe and inviting to everyone who walks through them.

The Operation of Door Closers

Manual door closers are designed to welcome your guests into your business without requiring them to close the door physically. When the door closer is functioning properly, it provides a specific amount of resistance upon opening, which offers a sense of security. Once this initial resistance subsides, the door will glide smoothly open and welcome users into your business. After the user stops applying force to the door, a spring gently guides the door back to the frame.

Door Closer Repair Solutions

We offer an intensive door closer repair and maintenance program to ensure all of your doors and door components stay in excellent working condition. Most importantly, we offer these services to ensure your doors are safe to use. We also offer a wealth of innovative solutions for hinges, thresholds, glass repair, door frames, and other hardware.

Incorrect Types of Door Closers: Heavier doors need stronger door closers and stronger springs. If you have the wrong type of door closer, it may lead to misalignments, expensive door damage, and create safety hazards for your customers and employees.

Improperly Adjusted and Installed Door Closers: At Glass Doctor of Schaumburg, we always use the most advanced tools to ensure your door closer has the maximum lifespan and remains in optimum working condition. When you choose the experienced experts at Glass Doctor of Schaumburg, we perform professional door closer repair and maintenance to prevent:

  • Misalignments
  • Damage to the doorframe
  • Unexpected or abnormal door movement

Low Oil Levels and Seal Repairs: Broken seals may cause lubricant leaks, leave hardware vulnerable, and expose clearance gaps. In most instances, an oil leak means there is an underlying problem with the door closer, such as failed seals, missing screws, or broken O-rings. It's imperative an expert quickly replaces the oil in the door closer. If this lack of lubrication is allowed to linger, the door could open or close too quickly and injure the user.

Difficult to Lock Door: If your doors are difficult to lock, it poses an immediate security risk. It also has a negative effect on the doorframe, door closer, and locking mechanism.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Avoid canceling your warranty coverage on your door by having someone untrained attempt to perform door closer repair. The experts at Glass Doctor of Schaumburg have extensive training and will professionally install and perform door closer repair on all types of doors. Contact Glass Doctor of Schaumburg today to schedule a complimentary onsite consultation.