Custom Mirrors

You deserve a comfortable, beautiful home. One of the best ways to improve your home's style is with custom mirrors. The distinctive benefits of a mirror will add form and function to any room. The glass specialists at Glass Doctor® of Schaumburg will design and install custom mirrors that flawlessly complement your home's current decor.

Benefits of Custom Mirrors

A custom mirror is more than a pleasant looking home decor piece. It has unique benefits that give your space more flexibility and design potential. Consult with the Glass Doctor of Schaumburg experts to determine the best custom mirror for your home. The benefits you seek will directly affect the design of the mirror.

Brightening Dim Rooms

It is frustrating when a room never feels bright enough. No matter how great your decor looks, a room will never feel vibrant if there simply isn't enough light. A custom mirror solves this problem without requiring you to add any new lights or window. Custom mirrors brighten rooms by amplifying the light that is already present. Working with our team will ensure the mirror is placed to deliver the greatest return on your investment.

Visually Expanding Smaller Spaces

When you have a small space, it can seem as though your only design options are to leave the room too sparsely decorated or make it feel cluttered. A custom mirror fixes this by giving the illusion of depth. The reflection that a mirror provides causes the eye to perceive a room as more spacious than it is. Our team will help you select the best size and shape to achieve a more spacious appeal.

Enhancing DecorIt can be difficult to appreciate certain types of decor fully because many of the most beautiful pieces are three-dimensional. When you display artwork, you must choose what to showcase. Sometimes, you can't see the entire piece. A custom mirror allows you to take in all of your beautiful art by giving you a view from every single angle.

The Benefits of Custom Mirrors

There isn't a single design piece that looks quite like a custom mirror. The same characteristics that enable a custom mirror to enhance other pieces of decor give it a unique beauty of its own. When improving your home, mass-produced mirrors won't achieve the same results as a custom piece. It is important that your new mirror perfectly suits the design needs of your space, which you can only accomplish with a custom piece. Our glass specialists will guide you through the custom mirror design process. We will make sure you have a full understanding of the benefits of each mirror design option.

Create Your Mirror Today

One of the biggest benefits of a custom mirror is the design adaptability. Your custom mirror can come in many forms, including:

  • Mirrored backsplash
  • Full wall mirror
  • Floor-to-ceiling mirror
  • Hanging mirror
  • Mirrored shelving
  • Framed mirror
  • Vanity mirror

If you want to use custom mirrors to enhance your home in a unique way that isn't on this list, let us know. Our expert team will make your dream a reality. The right custom mirror will make your space more amazing than you ever thought possible. Call Glass Doctor of Schaumburg today to schedule your custom mirror design consultation.