Custom Glass Solutions

Your surroundings reflect your personal style. The decorative accents in your home and office have the power to influence your mood and dictate comfort. Custom glass decor perfectly accentuates a variety of interior designs. Adding a clean appearance to any decor, crafted glass tabletops, shelving units and mirrors infuse life into humdrum areas. The versatility of these pieces have the power to generate either a calm atmosphere or bold, affluent designs. Glass Doctor® of Schaumburg understands the places where you live, work and relax impact your overall well-being. We create custom glass decor that enriches your interiors, establishing a uniquely beautiful impression.

Limitless Design Options

Custom glass decor is an effective decorating tool. Use it to define the spaces in your rooms or emphasize specific items. Let your imagination soar when selecting a number of attractive accents, including:

Glass shelves: Decorate interior office spaces, bedrooms and living areas with glass shelves. By adapting to any style, customized glass shelving units offer space saving solutions that almost disappear into the background.

Custom mirrors: Individualized mirrors create depth of space and enhance your natural and artificial light sources. Use less electricity while highlighting your artwork or the impressive architectural design elements in your home or office. Mirrors also make stunning shelves when added to antique curio cabinets or kitchen cupboards.

Decorative cabinet doors: A lovely addition to any kitchen, glass cabinet doors create a clean look, beautifully framing your expensive china. We offer colored glass, tints and etched designs to further enhance your originality and creativity.

French and patio doors: In addition to interior applications, our custom glass decor service includes glass fabrication for sliding patio and French doors. Options include built-in blinds, impact resistant laminates, and other energy-saving solutions.

Decrease Energy Costs with Professional Expertise

Our glass specialists have years of industry experience and are able to provide information about attachment options, load bearing capacities and similar technical advice. We specially craft your original design idea to guarantee the exact fit and appearance, thereby often exceeding your expectations. We also offer assistance regarding the safety features and enhancements available for custom glass decor.

  • Low Emissivity (Low-E) Glass: Specially designed to reduce energy usage, Low-E glass features either a coating or an embedded microscopic layer of material that effectively reflects long-wave infrared energy. It also reflects significant amounts of short-wave solar infrared energy, keeping warm air inside during the winter, and preventing sunlight from heating interiors during the summer. By blocking ultra-violet (UV) light, Low-E glass also prevents your interior from fading and discoloration caused by unfiltered sunlight.

Increase the comfort and appearance of your interiors spaces by contacting Glass Doctor of Schaumburg to arrange for your free, custom glass decor consultation.