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Auto Glass Care

In Illinois, laws specify that motorists must have unimpeded vision when driving; it is up to the traffic officer whether chips or cracks impair your vision. When you need auto glass repair, Glass Doctor® of Schaumburg will always strive to repair, rather than replace your damaged auto glass. If the damage makes your car dangerous to drive, we will bring our superior service to you. Count on our team to deliver quality auto glass care no matter the state of your panes!

Windshield Repair

Your car's windshield accounts for nearly half of its structural integrity during a front-end collision and more during a rollover accident. That's why auto glass repair involving your windshield is nothing to ignore or delay. Glass Doctor of Schaumburg can repair most cracks and chips in about one hour. We always repair windshields whenever possible because it saves you money and saves our landfills from broken glass. It's simply the right thing to do for our ecology. If windshield replacement is necessary, we'll restore the integrity of technological wiring and routers that are embedded in the glass. We'll also work directly with your insurance company and file paperwork for you.

Auto Glass Replacement

As a member of the Auto Glass Safety Council™, Glass Doctor of Schaumburg uses industry-best practices and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) materials for auto glass repair and replacement. When auto glass repair is not possible, we replace your windows with tempered glass that will break safely into pieces, not jagged shards, upon impact. In addition to back windshields and side windows, tempered glass can be used for sunroofs and quarter glass panels.

We Guarantee Every Replacement

Every windshield replacement includes a free guarantee, know as our G12® Road Hazard Guarantee. This package covers unlimited repairs or one windshield replacement within 12 months of service. It does not cover the cost of labor and installation materials associated with windshield replacement service. For an additional charge, you can upgrade your pane protection to includes these costs, new windshield wiper blades and an application of Clear Choice™ protectant. One application of Clear Choice will protect your windshield and enhance driving visibility for up to five years!

Glass Care for Your Car

Auto glass repair is one of many services Glass Doctor of Schaumburg offers residents of Cook County and surrounding communities. Our specialists have been trained in home interiors glass care, commercial glass maintenance and industry solutions for multi-national companies. With 24/7 emergency service and up-front pricing, putting Glass Doctor of Schaumburg on your list of local service providers is the smart move. Call 888-516-8133 or contact us today to learn more about our free energy assessment for your home or office.