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Advance Measurement System

Accidents, theft, and inclement weather are part of doing business; invest in proactive glass care to limit the burden of these issues. Count on Glass Doctor® of Schaumburg to support your business with our Advanced Measurement system. Our proactive commercial glass repair will prepare you for the unexpected. The commercial glass experts on our team work with business owners to plan for potential damages. Team up with Glass Doctor of Schaumburg to keep your business protected year-round.

How the Advanced Measurement System Works

The Advanced Measurement system is a proactive plan to ensure your business is covered if your company's glass ever unexpectedly breaks. We don't want to leave your products and employees at risk. The first step of our program is to survey your establishment. Our glass specialists visit your location to map where the windows and glass exist within the building. Afterward, our experts measure each installation to record their size and any additional details that may be necessary to include, such as the type of glass you require. Glass Doctor of Schaumburg will keep the map of your business with your records and give you a copy for your benefit. During an emergency, we will prepare for service using the notes to expedite your care.

Excellent Candidates

Business and organizations that have a myriad of glass in their establishment are great candidates for our program. Our specialists also urge companies that experience frequent glass damage to take advantage of our In-Stock program. Pre-purchase the panes you need most often. We will store them at our shop, using them exclusively for your building. When you require glass care, you needn't wait for your panes to be delivered. Our glass experts can meet with you to decide what the best solution is for your establishment.

Choose to be Proactive

Don't hesitate to prepare for glass damage. You will compromise your business and earning potential if broken panes remain for an extended period. Control the effects of glass damage when you enroll in our Advanced Measurement System. Contact the Glass Doctor of Schaumburg for glass repair or to sign up to schedule an inspection today.