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Storefront Doors

Running a business is a demanding job that involves paying attention to a number of different details on a daily basis. With so much going on, it can be easy for some things to fall by the wayside. Glass Doctor® of Saskatoon will take storefront glass care off your plate. Our team will make sure your building always looks great and attracts new customers. Get the assistance you need to maintain a beautiful storefront and still have time to focus on growing your business.

Storefront Doors

In addition to creating a great first impression, your storefront doors serve a variety of practical purposes. Our team of experts knows how to blend form and function to create a stunning entryway. Choose from an extensive list or decorative details to design a door that reflects your personal style and reinforces your brand image. Your glass can also be customized with your logo, address, hours of operation and any other information you want to advertise to the world.

Glass Doctor of Saskatoon offers a range of glass products that are meant to improve safety and security. Both bullet-proof and fire-resistant glass options can be installed and significantly increase safety during and after business hours. Tempered glass is another option that is designed to shatter into small pieces and help prevent injuries in the event of a broken pane. If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather, be sure to ask about our hurricane-impact glass. It is a wise investment that can save you time and money.

Security Film

Applying security film to your storefront windows is another simple and affordable way to protect your business. This product allows sunlight to enter the building while also obscuring the view from the outside. It can be a powerful deterrent to criminals hoping to break into your building. Our security films are tear-resistant, which means that any broken windows are held in place by the film or separate manageable chunks. Whether your panes have been damaged by weather conditions or nefarious causes, security film will make clean-up a cinch.

24-Hour Emergency Services

Glass Doctor of Saskatoon is proud to offer 24-hour emergency storefront glass repair services. We know all too well accidents rarely happen during business hours, but that doesn't mean that you should have to wait to be able to secure your building and protect your inventory. If you experience a broken window or door, we will arrive on the scene to clean up any debris and board up the damaged area. Once your schedule allows, we will return and complete the repair by installing new glass.

Maintaining your storefront is about more than just making a good impression. Your doors and windows provide a level of safety and security that protect you and your employees from weather, accidents and vandalism. Take advantage of our wide range of storefront glass repair and installation services to create a storefront that is both aesthetically pleasing and equipped to meet a variety challenges. Contact us today to get started.