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Industry Glass Solutions

Whether you seek to make your business more sustainable, upgrade your school, or protect apartment complexes, Glass Doctor® of Saskatoon will help you achieve your goal. We provide glass windows, doors, and accessories for a wide range of buildings, as well as expert teams to repair or replace that glass should it be damaged. Our repair teams are available to fix your glass at all hours of the day. For additional savings, priority access to our repair teams, and other benefits, consider joining our Commercial Care program.

Apartments and Condominiums

Our team provides quality apartment glass repair and replacement services, helping you keep your apartment or condo safe from the outside elements. We repair all types of glass, including doors, mirrors, windows, and tabletops. In addition to repair services, we will also upgrade your dwelling with new glass products. Our state-of-the-art doors and windows help your complex look more beautiful, reduce its energy use, and protect it from harmful UV radiation. When installing or repairing residents' glass products, we provide a 15% discount.

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Quality glass won't just make your restaurant beautiful; it will also make it cleaner, helping you pass health inspections and improve your public imagine. A glass window around your buffet areas will protect the food from customers' germs, while glass sliding doors will protect your drive-in from the outside elements. In addition, we provide quality decorations, including atriums, tinted windows, and other products to improve your restaurant's ambiance. 

Schools and Universities

Quality glass is invaluable at schools and universities. Glass display cases are a great way to show off your students' achievements, while tempered and fire-resistant glass will keep your students and staff safe. If any of your students or staff lives on campus, we provide quality apartment glass repair and upgrades for dormitories and other housing units. We also offer glass tabletops, science equipment, observation windows and doors and a myriad of other products to improve the safety and convenience of your school.


Profit margins are tight in the retail industry, meaning any chance to save money cannot be ignored. With Glass Doctor's double pane windows, you can reduce your heating and electric bills. We also offer quality display cases, giving your customers a good view of your products while protecting them from dust and decay.

Hotels and Motels

In addition to apartment glass repair, Glass Doctor of Saskatoon also serves more temporary dwellings. If you run a hotel or motel, we're happy to repair or replace your glass products, as well as offer you new products to improve the form and function of your business. Decorative glass doors are ideal for hotel pools and gyms. Whatever your needs, our team is committed to improving the hotel's experience for you, your workers and your customers.

Cities and Municipalities

City governments have to set an example for responsible citizenship, and what better way to do that than by installing energy-efficient glass windows. Our team will minimize your city buildings' environmental impact, encouraging your citizens to do the same in their homes. You can also make your building safer with tempered or fire-rated glass, helping citizens feel comfortable at city events. However you plan to inspire your city, Glass Doctor of Saskatoon will help you do it!

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