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Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Home decor is a personal expression. The furnishings and accessories you choose for your dwelling should reflect your individual taste and style. Glass Doctor® of Saskatoon partners with homeowners and businesses throughout North America to enhance the beauty of your living and working spaces with custom glass tabletops. Our glass service experts deliver flexible decorating options that embellish, protect and improve the safety of your home or office. With a keen attention to detail, we fabricate customized glass decor that adds lasting value, transforming your ideas and concepts into reality.

Add Custom Glass Tabletops to Your Home

Adding a custom glass tabletop to your favorite wood or antique furniture will protect it from daily wear and harm. Our glass experts take detailed measurements to create a custom fit to your existing tables, buffets and dressers. We also create glass tops for bases; you can choose any table shape you want. Our custom glass tabletops guard finished surfaces from absorbing stains, gouges or accidental scratches, maintaining their lustrous appearance.

Glass Shelving Improves Any Room

Custom glass shelving units are an elegant accompaniment to any room. By beautifully showcasing artwork, treasured manuscripts or collectibles, glass shelves seamlessly blend into and accentuate any style decor. Our glass experts will determine load-bearing capacities, placement specifications and other details to ensure your custom units meet your expectations for safety and durability. We also fabricate custom glass shelves for hand-crafted cabinets, display cases and original antiques. We'll gladly create your custom glass item using your blueprints or working drawings.

Customized Protection

To enhance your protection and provide a comprehensive service, we offer a host of design options that will fortify your custom glass tabletops. Individualize and your selections using:

Limitless dimensions and shapes: Our experts custom build your glass decor to your exact specifications, collecting accurate measurements and developing detailed drawings to ensure a perfect fit.

Laminates and films: We offer a variety of safety enhancements for interior and exterior glass decor. Choose laminates to reduce breakage risks. If the glass is accidentally broken, laminates prevent shattering. Rather than thousands of shards, glass breaks into manageable, safe chunks. Tinted films prevent discoloration from harmful ultra-violet (UV) light.

Graphic of different glass edges

Impact resistant glass: Additional protection is available with impact resistant glass. Especially suitable for outdoor use, patio and pool areas benefit from custom glass tabletops that withstand heavy winds and flying debris.

Custom edging: Glass edging options allow you to create a border that enriches the appearance of your furniture with a delicate, personalized accent.

Clear Choice™ treatment: Our innovative glass treatment adds an extra layer of protection. An application on glass, porcelain and granite surfaces create a barrier that guards against surface scratches, maintaining the sparkling, vibrant appearance of your glass decor.

Call on Our Expertise

In addition to our custom glass tabletops, we offer a variety of embellishments for your home or office. Enhance your spaces with made-to-order glass shelving units, cabinet doors or statement mirrors. Our glass specialists combine years of hands-on experience with the latest industry solutions, delivering dependable, professional services. We conduct free on-site consultations and outline all the work aspects in advance, so you never have to fear last minute charges. Turn your glass decor vision into reality by contacting Glass Doctor of Saskatoon to schedule your free consultation today.