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G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

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Glass Doctor® of Saskatoon specialist prioritize your safety above all else. That’s why we replace your windshield using high-quality materials. We follow industry safety guidelines to restore your vehicle’s crash safety system. After your installation is complete, we continue to make your protection a priority through our windshield replacement guarantee.

When your windshield is damaged due to a road hazard within 12 months of the original replacement date, Glass Doctor of Saskatoon repairs or replaces the glass for free.

Guarantee Conditions

  • We replace your windshield one-time only during the 12-month guarantee period.
  • We first attempt to restore your windshield with our eco-friendly repair process.
  • As the repair process is an efficient, economical option, it does not void the remaining guarantee period.
  • The guarantee covers damage due to road hazards only.
  • Guaranteed repairs must be completed at a Glass Doctor location; the issuing Glass Doctor must be notified of the service.
  • Windshield replacement guarantee claims must be reported before your guarantee expires.
  • Our G12® Windshield Road Hazard Guarantee covers the glass only. It does not cover the costs of labour, kit, moulding, or clips.

Guarantee Add-ons

The Glass Doctor of Saskatoon windshield replacement guarantee promises to restore your windshield's clarity and structural integrity. For additional benefits, we offer these G12 upgrades:

  • G12 Future Installation Option:Covers the cost of labour, kit, moulding and clips.
  • G12 Value Package: This option includes Clear Choice™ windshield protectant and a new pair of wiper blades.


  • The G12 Guarantee does not cover damage as a result of a collision, intentional act, fraud or an act of God.
  • The guarantee is not included in windshield replacement performed upon Class A motorcoaches, buses or class seven or eight heavy duty trucks.

At Glass Doctor of Saskatoon, we are proud to offer the G12 windshield replacement guarantee. To learn more about our 12-month guarantee and how it keeps you safe on the road, contact us to learn more.

Some exclusions may apply.