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How Upgrading Windows Help Fight Against Outside Allergies...

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With spring fast approaching the Saskatoon area, allergy sufferers will begin their annual battle with the unpleasant effects of airborne pollen and other irritants. As a result, many will retreat into their homes in the hopes of relieving or avoiding allergy symptoms or severe reactions. Unfortunately, aging, leaky windows do little to offer protection from the outdoors. The residential glass specialists at Glass Doctor® of Saskatoon understand your home should be safe and comforting, not a place that contributes to your allergies. One of the most effective ways to combat allergy symptoms inside your home is by replacing inefficient windows with new double pane window units.

Benefits of Double Pane Windows

Installing double pane windows is well worth it for allergy sufferers because windows are the primary route taken by airborne pollen, mould spores and dust particles. The airtight design of new insulated glass units (IGUs), commonly known as double pane windows, also reduce energy costs, heat transfer and outside noise. Double pane windows are designed to keep climate-controlled air inside and prevent hot or cold air from infiltrating your home. The experts at Glass Doctor of Saskatoon know the importance windows play in preventing outdoor pollutants from affecting your comfort. Thanks to years of industry experience and an in-depth knowledge of double pane window installations, our experts are unmatched in all aspects of residential window replacement services.

IGUs Offer Protection

Single pane windows historically allow condensation to form on the interior side of window glass, which easily lead to the growth of mould spores. Due to their high insulating capabilities, double pane windows prevent mould growth while providing an airtight barrier against pollen. There is no better way to nurture the air your family breathes than by keeping pollutants out. Making small changes such as installing double pane windows goes a long way toward improving your home's overall comfort levels.

Repair or Replacement IGUs

Even if your home is currently equipped with double pane windows, a unit may fail if a pane is cracked or the seal has degraded. No matter the problem, our experts will promptly restore a unit to its original level of energy efficiency. The team at Glass Doctor of Saskatoon offers the finest levels of glass care and customer service, especially when it comes to the comfort and health of our customers. Make an appointment for a free, in-home consultation now before the pollen starts flying!