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Pane Improvements on a Large Scale

Windows play an influential role in generating revenue and controlling the costs associated with commercial enterprise. Hospitality, retail, and healthcare industries rely on the inviting, open atmospheres large windows create to attract loyal customers. According to a recent social media analysis, one of the first things guests notice is the view obtained from their windows or balcony. Moreover, Gallup reports that when choosing a hotel for the first time, guests are greatly influenced by the overall “look and feel of the property.”

Glass Doctor® of Saskatoon understands the value customers place on their comfort. Yet, we also recognize the necessity for low-cost energy options. Our glass experts conduct commercial glass installations and large scale improvements that establish a desirable appearance, and enhance window performance. We deliver an effective combination that builds your business, while simultaneously reducing your operational costs.

Improving Guest Comfort

Operations with overnight accommodations, such as hotels or hospitals, focus on creating a welcoming environment. Oversize, multiple windows achieve that goal by generating a bright, cheerful atmosphere and an additional, “green” light source. Yet, guests often prefer muted, warm illumination, rather than harsh glares that effect room temperatures. According to a J.D. Power and Associates 2012 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study, uncomfortable room climate ranked as the third highest customer complaint.

While window blinds totally block the view and require long-term cleaning, window tint and low-emissivity (Low-E) films eliminate ultra-violet (UV) light penetration without creating a visual barrier. Customers enjoy the view without the discomfort of rapid heat gain or loss. Window tint is also particularly beneficial in hospital and recovery environments, where quiet rest is prescribed. Tinted films often create soothing surroundings that are peaceful and conducive to healing.

Increase Energy-Efficiency

In addition to providing improved comfort for occupants, window tint and Low-E glass effectively lowers your energy use. UV light is responsible for heat transference that requires your HVAC units and air filtration systems to work overtime. The extra effort prematurely ages these expensive assets, while steadily increasing business energy consumption. Additional usage that translates into higher operational costs.

However, Low-E glass replacements and window tint films play a crucial role in controlling energy use. Llumar recently reported on two large, upscale hotels that were able to reduce their heating and cooling costs by up to 25% using window tint films to block the “greenhouse effect.” Also, by regulating heat transference, healthcare facilities realize immediate expense reductions. The improvements created by tints lay the foundation for executing similar energy-saving projects.

Contact Glass Doctor of Saskatoon to learn more about orchestrating your large scale window pane improvements today.