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Home Window Care During Winter

Anyone who recalls the great blizzard of 2007 knows that winters in Saskatoon can be extremely harsh. That’s why it’s so important to give your home a once-over and perform any necessary winter preparation tasks and repairs before the cold sets in. Getting your home ready for the cold winds, snow, and ice is critical for keeping everyone inside safe and warm. Taking a proactive approach to winter prep also lowers your energy bills, increases the efficiency and lifespan of windows and appliances, and makes your property safer. Glass Doctor® of Saskatoon offers a wide range of services to help you get ready.

Double Pane Windows

If your home’s windows and doors are properly sealed, warm air stays inside and energy efficiency is considerably increased. One of the best ways to prevent air leakage is by installing double pane windows. When Saskatoon’s winter storms arrive, you’ll be thankful for the extra protection and increased comfort they provide. Replacing your old leaky windows with Energy Star® qualified insulated glass units (IGUs) can be one of the smartest home investments you make – one that will keep your entire family warm for years to come.

If your home already has double pane windows, take a look to see if any condensation has built up under the panes, or if a milky appearance limits visibility. This is an indication that the seals have failed and the insulating vacuum or gas between the panes has escaped. That’s the time to replace the panes and have any other window repair work done. Since your home’s doors and windows are the main locations where cold air seeps in, make sure all the windows and doors are properly sealed.

Window Glass Maintenance, Repair and Replacement

There are some simple window maintenance tasks you can do yourself. There are times, though, when you’ll have to call Glass Doctor of Saskatoon professionals. Having a thorough inspection of your windows is one of the most reliable ways to uncover hidden issues that can cause extensive damage. Window damage is not always readily apparent to an untrained eye, so calling in an expert to assess what shape your windows are in can save you money down the road in utility costs.

Home Glass Emergency- Advantage Plan

Want to stay on top of window glass repair and replacement? You may want to think about a service like the Glass Doctor of Saskatoon Advantage Plan® which offers priority service for residential customers in times of emergency window glass repair needs. The transferable, fee-based service also offers a discount on future home and auto glass repairs.

Spending just a little time and money now to maintain your home for winter can save you thousands in damage down the road. Take these simple steps to protect your home and you’re officially ready for winter!