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Energy Efficient Historic Home

The debate over whether it's better to buy a new or older home is one every homebuyer faces. It depends on what you deem to be important, and older homes certainly have their benefits. One common drawback to an older home is energy efficiency; many historic homes in the Saskatoon area were built long before modern energy-saving features were invented.

At Glass Doctor® of Saskatoon, installing and upgrading energy-efficient windows on older homes is one of our specialties, and we've helped countless local homeowners save a bundle on heating and cooling. Whether you're looking to upgrade to double pane windows or low-emissivity (Low-E) glass, we can make your home more efficient.

Historic Homes: Benefits and Drawbacks

Saskatoon is blessed with many of beautiful old houses, and many new homeowners set their sights on these historic homes for a variety of reasons:

  • History: It takes time and personalized decor to make a new home feel like your space. Often, older buildings already have that cozy, lived-in atmosphere that makes you feel right at home.
  • Affordability: While prices vary, older homes are typically much more affordable than brand new houses.
  • Unique designs: Modern houses often have a cookie-cutter design, but older homes have uncommon characteristics.
  • Location: Newer homes are often built in less desirable locations, partly because the nicest areas are already well-populated with beautiful historic houses.

As great as older homes are, they're usually lacking in energy efficiency. Drafty, outdated windows are the most common culprit. Significantly reduce your home's energy consumption by upgrading the window panes.

New Windows: The Secret To Improving Energy Efficiency

Better windows make it much easier to control the temperature inside your home, providing year-round improvements in both comfort and energy efficiency. At Glass Doctor of Saskatoon, we have two excellent options for upgrading your windows:

  • Double Pane Windows: Made using two separate panes of glass with an insulated spacer between the glass, double pane windows offer a dramatic improvement in insulation. Many double pane windows also include krypton or argon gas in the airspace between the panes, and all of our double pane windows come sealed with a high-grade sealant to keep moisture out.
  • Low-E Glass: Using a special metallic coating to block out the sun's ultraviolet radiation, Low-E windows improve energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer. They also protect your furniture from fading and eliminate glares inside your home. Talk to our team about installing Low-E panes within your existing window frames!

To learn more about how you can improve the efficiency of your vintage home, contact Glass Doctor of Saskatoon today! Our specialists are committed to reducing your energy costs and making your home a more comfortable place to live!